How Many People Here Know About Lenehan Speakers

Hi Guys

I live real close to Lenehan Audio out here in Australia, go down there all the time to hear stuff, and own a lot of their equipment.

They are a small outfit here in Australia and I thought probably not that well known.

I have seen a few posts recently where people a bit further afield seem know about them or have them - not just in New York where Swap Meet Audio is a dealer but wider afield. So just out of curiosity I was wondering who actually knows about them, has heard them, and what do they think?

I own the Lenehan ML-1 speakers. They are amazing speakers with excellent dynamics and bass (especially for their size). Easily competitive with monitors upto $5000. Easy to drive--I have driven them with a variety of solid state amplification (Marantz Reference, Plinius 9200 and Pass Labs XA series). The fit and finish is to die for. I also love the flight cases that they came in--just adds to the perception of quality.
I've heard of them and read the review on their 2-way monitors. They seem to be well made, but face stiff competition from Vapor Audio, Green Mountain Audio, Silverline audio, etc here in the US. I've seen your posts extolling Lenehan speakers and DACs on AC and other sites. Lenehans were virtually impossible to audition in the US, so it's good to hear Swap Meet Audio offers home auditions.
I too have seen your many posts extolling the virtues of Lenehan - do you work for them or are you on commission? If not, why so many posts about their products? Just curious.

Having listened to a pair of ML1 myself in Australia I was impressed by the fit and finish, but did not really find them as transparent as many other speakers I've heard that cost less. Perhaps one for AV rather then musical use?
I have listened to a pair of monitors at a show last year driven by a pair of class D monos . And the sound was surprising good. Very natural, unforced, dynamic with good imaging . They were one of the better speakers I had heard at that show.
Koobla, Do you work for the competition and just signed up to slam Lenehan with your AV comment? Just curious!
Great speakers which deserve to be better known.
Koobla its exactly like I said in my post - I live real close to them, go there all the time to hear their stuff, and own a lot of their gear. I do not work for them, receive any kickbacks, or get commission. Because of that I am most certainly biased and when I talk about Lenehan gear, except on forums where I am well known, always add what I said above and explain I am biased.

The post was simply because I saw a few posts here and elsewhere that made me think they were starting to be better known.

To the others that posted thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts - its appreciated.