How many people here generally buy used?

Just curious. Most of my equipment I purchased new. My Firstwatt J2 was a demo that I swear was new. Outside of a DAC where latest tech may be desired, buying used (if a fair price) seems to be a great way to purchase something you normally would not be able to afford. Of course, condition, care of component etc needs to be taken into consideration

60% (not including cables) was purchased used. Of the remaining 40%, 1/2, or 20%, were refurbished or open box but I still  consider then ‘new’, the remaining 20% new & non-refurbished.

I almost always look for any item I am considering used first, then will consider the used cost vs new when/if applicable.
I did buy my Harbeth Super HL5 Plus new, but I got a nice trade in (more than I paid for them) for my old speakers.  I have a couple of things I've bought refurbished, or open box.
Never have purchased a new piece of audio gear, or vehicle, and very little furniture. 
I dream of how the ballers live!
When I was young and over seas in the Air Force I got everything new and with a significantly lower income.  
Some of each. Used comes into play when I couldn't afford to buy new.