How many P. Gabriel Special Edition cd were made?

Hello all
I was wondering if anyone knew how many copies were released of the Peter Gabriel Special Edition CD remasters. I'm talking about the mini-lp style cd's with the Serial Number printed on the back in gold lettering. It would help if you could give a breakdown of how many of each of his cd's were produced as the numbered Special Edition series. ie- "3000 copies of So were released, 2500 copies of Security were released as Special Edition mini-lp style cd's". I own 7 different remasters and the highest number I've seen so far is 16864. I'm guessing that 20000 mini-lp Special Edition remasters were produced.......can anyone help?
Thanks in advance guys

Hey again
I kept saying 'Special Edition' in my previous post......I meant to say 'Limited Edition'. Sorry for the confusion.....and thanks again

Dudeaudio where are you getting the numbers from on the sleeve?
I have the same mini-lp sleeves.
It's worth noting here in the UK the original batches were returned/withdrawn due to the labels being stuck on the actual covers.Every sleeve I have is like that.
So it's possible they printed more than originally intended.
Hey Ben
On the back of the mini lp, above the bar code, it says Limited Edition in black letters. Below that is the serial number printed in gold. ie-My Peter Plays Live cd is numbered 8923, and Shaking the Tree is numbered 14084.
I heard about the labelling mistake over in the UK.....who knows, maybe that will make them more valuable in the future.

The UK ones must be different there's no gold lettering above the barcode and the serial numbers look similar amongst the 5 I have with no reference that looks like the run number.
Checking I realise 2 and 3 in my collection don't have the sticker stuck on the cover.
Sorry I couldn't help further.