How many of your play instruments?

So, how many of your play regularly, say at least 2 times a week?

Which instrument?

Would you rather play or listen to your system?

How much is your system worth at retail?
guitar. I can't say I prefer playing over listening, both have their unique and magnificent pleasures. Mostly, I play acoustic, and then it's my Collings D3 or Taylor 714ce. Now and then (mostly when my wife's away), I'll pull out my Fender Telecaster or Gibson ES347. I use Fender tube amps, unless I'm accompanying my wife's singing at church and then I'll play acoustic through a solid state AER Alpha.

Audio system is in the low five figures retail.
I'm on a Kawai digital upright piano a few hours a week and on a guitar +/- 15 hrs a week. At least 2/3 of that is acoustic. I use a Kronbauer 12 fret small jumbo, a Webber OM, and a Goodall Dread most often. Electric go to guitars are a Myka Dragonfly, a New Orleans Voodoo, and a Henman B thru Swart or Nolatone amps

I've got way too much hi first gear in the house, probably totaling north of $50 k. I usually listen more than I play, but a fair bit of that is in car or via Sonos as background.
Piano. Classical. Baldwin concert grand. Five times a week plus a lesson. I've studied for 23 years starting at age 37. I'm judged to be an intermediate advanced player.
Harmonica and voice. Blues. Started playing 40 years ago but only jamming recently.
How much $$$? Can't say.
Playing is better than listening but my repertoire is limited so I listen all the other time.
Drums. About $40K, plu the excess equipment in boxes in the basement.
Guitar--classical and pop styles, a bit of everything except flamenco. Have played electric guitar in bands at venues in the largest cities of the US. Violin and viola--classical, just well enough to play at weddings. Mandolin and dobro--well enough to play with local singer/songwriters.

I enjoy playing and listening to my system pretty much equally.

My stereo is under 5k but sounds fantastic to me. I spent months choosing speakers and had help with the electronics.
I am a trombonist, but my son mow has my horns after an accident caused a Bell's Palsy which of course affected my embrouchure. Nevertheless, I am also a choral singer (low bass) and I sing regularly. I would hate to choose between listening and performing. If I had to, I would prefer singing to listening. Being part of the "corporate body," as Robert Shaw described it, doesn't have a counterpart in listening, however moving a performance might be to listen to.
I used to play trumpet and piano but now only,the cuica. I own three.
Im still in the process of learning to play piano. I would like to learn guitar as well...any tips from fellow goners on which guitar model to select for starters will be most valued :P
Singlendedsingle: what is your budget--and do you want to start with acoustic or electric? Some info about your musical preferences might help as well.

I say start on a short scale electric (Les Paul, etc). They're the easiest to play in my book and you can migrate to the instrument of your choice when your skills allow.
I play guitar. A little blues, jazz and some rock. I use an American Standard Ash Tele and a EC Strat. Numerous amps and pedals....including a Mesa Tremoverb 2 12" combo. For acoustic I use a Taylor 810...has major PUNCH.
As a hobby and jamming with friends at times, I play two different 5 string electric bass guitars mostly classic rock, blues, gospel and soul. I also finally got up enough nerve to perform at an open mic jam session at a blues club in North Carolina last year. I did surprisingly well without any rehearsals at all. Blues is the easiest with the 3 basic chords as long as you know when to make the change. Had to watch the lead guitar player closely. Someone got me on video too and I have it. Not bad if I say so myself. It was a lot of fun : )
I used to practice accordion 4...5 hours daily, but failed at the young talent show and than quit:(
Than I came back to practicing when formed celtic and folk band and went basking. Basking made my income larger than both of my parents had when I turned 15.
We practiced lots of popular songs(much easier than Bach or Chopin indeed) and did lots of covers our own way and earned approx $80 per performance each.
That pulled me out of school in order to practice longer and learn more popular songs. The more 'customer orders' to play a specific song you can play, the more money you can make.
In my now-years, I regret switching to basking vs. going for the higher musician's education. Perhaps it was because I was the only one in the family with abilities and desire to master the musical instruments. If my parents were musicians, they'd really stop me and encouraged me not to quit.
Nowdays I enjoy playing string bass and Fender electric fretless jazz bass. Not much into accordion anymore but from time to time practice to recall old pieces I used to play. It's harder and harder nowdays to open the sheet music that was so long time ago forgotten.
I've been playing hand drums on and off for 20 years, mostly Djembe and some congas and bongos. I like to play at drum circles because I love the polyrhythms that are created, but more intimate settings are fun too.

I also play Didgeridoo and taught myself how to circular breath. These originate from Australia and sound deep and warm.
I have played guitar off and on since I was 15. I should be better,but enjoy
playing .I have been learning how to fingerpick,Travis ,Doc Watson. I mainly play
a sweet Larrivee L-03 .Larrivee ,uses very good wood for the price.I have had
some nice tube amps thru the years,mostly Marshall.Starting with a Very old 100
watt head.