How many of you streaming?

How many of you streaming Qobuz, Roon etc find yourself skipping through songs? Do you find yourself listening to an entire album start to finish?


When I am enjoying music I know, I typically listen to full albums or playlists I’ve constructed. But about 30% of the time I am in “discover” mode and play a single song, letting Qobuz form the rest of the playlist for me. I’m usually pretty impressed by a number of tracks it selects for me, but I tend to listen for a bit and if I like it will save the album into my favorites for later. 

I shuffle my entire library and listen to most every track that comes up. It’s my library so all stuff I like. I will use Roon Radio to launch me into new stuff on qobuz sometimes. Sometimes I play an entire album but albums are a very 20th century way to package and listen to music. Most releases don’t justify it. I like to be surprised what I hear next most of the time. Was always a big radio fan and now one can create their own playlists or listen to others made for you in so many different ways. Life is good!

If I like whatever I'm hearing I'll listen until something else happens in my life that needs attending to. If I have to wait to the next day to continue listening to the album I'll certainly do it.

In the main, though, I'm not a fan of computer-generated playlists. The playlists seldom seem to be generated by a knowing host/deejay. It's usually just inferior, sound-alike stuff from the same genre.

Sometimes I bounce about, sometimes I don’t.  Most albums have a lot of filler songs.  Not all can be good and the newer ones seem to have a LOT more fillers in these days of streaming.  

I’m about 95% vinyl, with the rest a combination of CD and streaming.  Either way, I almost always play an album start to finish.