How many of you streaming?

How many of you streaming Qobuz, Roon etc find yourself skipping through songs? Do you find yourself listening to an entire album start to finish?


There are very few albums that I find myself listening in its entirety. And this has nothing to do streaming….what I do love about streaming is our ability to create playlists. I have over 60 playlists that are ranging from 45 min to 6.5 hours.

I stream Qobuz. I virtually always listen to whole albums. 

I have streamed on my main system for twelve years or so. I was always hopping around. The reason was my streaming (and CD) leg was not musical and fulfilling. I worked over the last five years to bring my digital leg up to the quality of my analog. Now… I just can’t get myself to change to another album until I finish it. I listen to stuff I never thought I would like. Completely glued.


If you’re surfing, it is probably because your digital system is not engaging / musical. Work on that leg required.

Depends on the album.

To be honest, if I am trying to gauge what a new artist is like I will listen to the first song and see if it grabs me. If it does, I will finish listening to it. If it doesn't I will still skip through a few other songs just to see if they are any better.

I can get bored easy, especially if the music lacks dynamics and thoughtful lyrics.

I probably listen to 15 seconds of 100's of songs over several hours. If they don't interest me in that short of time, I go to the next one. Most all new music doesn't get saved or listened to again. I usually go back to what I'm familiar with.  

That’s all I do day after day after day. I love it I’ve never listen to so much music ever in my life. Totally commercial free and exactly what I want to listen to. I’ve even started to fall in love with some of the music that it serves up on its own. It’s amazing some of the choices. It makes my love. Summer OK very few I don’t like.