How many of you have heard the Tenor Audio amps?

I have, and am looking for others who can share their experiences with me. They are the most wonderful sounding amps I have heard. So natural and pure, the "goosebump factor" seems to be there for me on whatever I play. They seem to do everything well that I refuse to use typical audiophile terms in describing them. I feel it would be an injustice!
I own a pair of the 75wi's and have had them for about 1 month and feel the same way you do. I have used several highend tube amps over the last few years and these are special. As you suggest, they seem to do everything well but I am particularly taken by their clarity, transparency and dynamics which are amazing.

I knew there was an amp out there that could do this and now I have found it!
I listened to a pair last spring at the show in NYC... wonderful sound, and beautiful, too!
I also heard them at the show. They sounded great, but I'd like to compare them with my ARC gear. I really like the detail you get on the ARC stuff. I don't know if anyone carries this stuff in my area.
I have a friend who compared them to the ARC Reference 300 MKII that he owns and the Tenor's walloped em. He said the ARC's sounded like hifi compared with the Tenor's and that the Tenor's had better bass, clarity, detail, speed, high extension and soundstage than the 300 MKII's. He thought the ARC's had slightly better dynamics, but just slightly.

He immediately asked me to sell his ARC's for him, which you can find for sale here on Audiogon. He immediately bought the Tenor's even though he is going through a divorce and was looking at selling everything off. He just had to have them. He says he has never heard anything close to them.
Love to hear them; they've gotten very good writeups in the audiophile press.
Has anyone ever tried them with Electrostatics like Martin Logan Odysey? It has a rather steep impedance curve which may not work well with an SE OTL amp.
i used them with wilson watt puppy 6s and they were great. the WP6 is 4 ohm and drops to 2 ohms, a very tough load for an OTL. if kept within it's performance envelope the tenors were plenty dynamic and played as loud as i usually listen. they could be driven to hardness or soft clipping on peaks if you pushed them beyond normal listening levels on some music.

in a small room or used for the top end of the martin logans i would think the tenors would be hard to beat. i ordered a pair and consider them the best amps i have heard.
The ML goes from 5 ohm to 0.9. It's really steep. It's also not very sensitive. If they won't drive well, I don't want the dealer to get them in and waste our time.
blues man, your ML still might work since the Tenor won't need to do low bass. but unless you can somehow try it first you won't know for sure. the Tenor is worth some effort to try and demo. i might suggest e-mailing Tenor directly to get their opinion on this issue. good luck.