How many of you are digital only systems?

I currently have an all digital setup, streaming and stored digital files and ripped CD’s on my Innuos Zen mkIII via Chord Qutest to a PrimaLuna EVO 400i. I have been contemplating adding analog to my system, like a Clearaudio concept table. I am NOT hear to debate which one is better, so please don’t turn it into that, I understand the differences. How many of you are digital only? If you listen to digital as well, please tell me why. Is it because of sonic qualities or just the nostalgic reasons of spinning vinyl. I just don’t know if I want a turntable because it would be new gear to play with or if I think it has sonic qualities that I am missing with digital. I would have to buy new vinyl as I really only have a few of my albums from when I was teenager in the 80’s. Maybe I should just put the money towards upgrading digital components, even though I love my Qutest/Zen combo, I could move up in their line?? Am I missing something truly special in the audio world if I’m all digital? Thanks for your thoughts 
One thing I did not point out, which is well known to digital fans; the veritable, and in many respects literal, world of music available for a relative pittance, that is brought to my room via digital is incomparable. Would anyone disagree that this is a Platinum age of audio simply for that reason? My goodness, the limitless selection and ability to explore as a result of streaming! This variety of music has also kept my zeal going for the longer term.  :) 

It does go against my conservative nature to spend about $200/year for no tangible benefit, no media, no long term retrieval of an asset from money spent on audio. But, you do not get one without the other. For me, the cost is defensible, considering the cost of other hobbies for experiences which also are irretrievable. So, I could have ten albums, or 10,000 "albums" made available to me. It's not a difficult choice for me.  :)
Sold all my albums and TT a long time ago. Mostly listened to CD and radio  then moved to streaming and have no regrets. Convenient, inexpensive, ability to discover new music, gained shelf space. Sound quality is fantastic with a good service and DAC.

If you miss vinyl they made a device that adds pops and ticks.😁
OP, I have very recent experience to report here.

I "exited the audio scene" years back when CDs were "on the way out" and streaming meant lossy formats, in which I had no interest. My system at the time: Linn Genki (CD) / Kolektor (pre-amp)/ AV 5105 (amp) / AV 5140 (speakers) / K600 cables -- Passive, not Aktiv--purchased circa 2008.

The system sounded great, but I got married, had a son, and got busy at work. Then, after about 4 years, divorce hit (never thought it would happen to ME), and all my "things" were in disarray for quite some time. Some of you may be able to relate.

When I finally got around to putting everything back together, some repairs were required. This was not straightforward due to the age of the components affected. It was at this point that I hunted down my local Linn dealer, who had been out of business for some time, but had recently resurfaced with a new name/location. Thank. Goodness.

He patiently brought me up to date in my understandings, which pretty much dated to 2008. Among other good news, I learned that lossless streaming was a serious reality and that, in his opinion, Linn had not made a better speaker than my 5140s since then. As I had concluded in 2008, I found that (for me) the vinyl proposition was still not a way I wanted to go from a simple cost/benefit analysis, including the hassle factor. Don’t get me wrong--as an engineering mechanics practitioner, I am very much drawn to the beauty of the mechanics of turntables. I just do not want to put my money and research effort there right now.

My dealer introduced me to the wonderful world of Qobus and Roon and just finished ripping all my CDs (about 600 of them) for $2 apiece (worth it to me, without a second thought), and they will soon be a part of my Roon experience, along with Qobus. Many important (to me) recordings are missing from the Qobus library (Telarc efforts--primarily Michael Murray (organ) and Robert Shaw (choral) being chiefest among them), though what they do have is mind-boggling. My ripped CD collection will therefore fill an important niche.

My new system: Roon Nucleus, Linn Akurate Hub, Linn Akurate Exaktbox-i, and my original AV 5140s and K600, now active via Exakt.  The removed crossovers (AKA "energy sinks") sit on my audio cabinet waiting for me to put them somewhere else.  Interesting conversation pieces, those.  The sonic upgrade from the previous system is significant, and I can run everything from my iPad, with a fantastic (IMHO) user interface. So I am almost as "digital" as a system can be. There are no analog interconnects, because the Hub x Exaktbox-i interface is digital via Ethernet cable. So my only analog cabling is the K600 running between the Exaktbox-i and my speakers. Now each conductor pair is carrying a tailor-made signal for the destination driver (woofer, mid, tweeter). My heart loves the sound, and my brain loves the signal path. I feel very fortunate to have a pair of AV 5140s.

I am not a "tinkering" audiophile--I get a system to where it does what I want, how I want, and then enjoy it and move on to tackling other projects. I think my ears are above average, and I am extremely happy (perhaps "giddy" is not an overstatement) with this system.

That is where I am today and where I expect to be for several years, God willing. YMMV.