How many of us fall asleep while

listening to music in the sweet spot? I do ALL the time :) Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
Hi, I too use to fall asleep while listening to music in the sweet spot. I didn't have this problem when I had the mini system that I bought at circuit city.
Me too!! At the beginning of sessions. Hate to admit it though. Waht does it tell you? That your system so good it is relaxing or .....
How many wake up as soon as the music stops? I do.
A while ago I had a pair of Stax F81F electrostats that sounded so soothing they would lull me to sleep, it was the Yin/Yang thing..I was so happy when awake, and so pissed that I fell asleap and shortchanged the listening session.
I, too fall asleep when listening late at night. Usually it's after a couple of Bombays on the rocks after a long day at work. My wife usually has retired to bed and I've got the volume set on the low side so as not to wake her. I can really get into the music, it's so relaxing that I fall to sleep like a baby. The only unfortunate thing is that I seem to be missing the best parts of the music I was so interested in listening to when I first sat down. As they say, "the night time is the right time".
And I thought I was the only one with this problem. I've fallen asleep in that "sweet spot" before the first track is done! I've finally traded my recliner for a wood rocking chair and I've heard a lot more of the music since. Hard to fall asleep in something you can fall out of! It's a trade-off between extreme comfort and staying awake to hear some music.
Yeah, falling asleep while listening in the sweet spot is great, but for a sure-fire, fast and efficient method to drift into a deep slumber nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats listening to "Uncle Lou" Ruykeyser on "Wall Street Week" (even in mono)! His soothing monotone, combined with the utterly predictable format of his show, and the oh-so familiar panelists, lulls you into the reassuring belief that all is well with the world, no matter what the ups and down of the stock market. After a hard week at work, I appreciate this to no end. I wake up once the show is over, ready to go to bed.
I use my late night listening sessions in combination with biofeedback training that I received for chronic pain. If it is a good session I always doze off before the CD is done playing. I usually wake up when the last track ends and then transport myself to bed for at least three to four hours of uninterrupted sleep. These sessions are far more successful than any painkiller (and we are talking real drool material here - right SF) that I have tried and make me a much easier person to live with (per my wife). The clinical psychologist was concerned about me substituting music for the standard biofeedback talkfest/instruction tapes until they hooked me up to their measurement machines and discovered that I was their star patient. I was able to drop the stress measurement from the mid 20's to a 2 or a 3 in a twenty minute session. Mid twenties on their scale is in the "psycho killer" range and 2 or 3 is considered normal. The director of the clinic informed me that I was not their only patient that used music for biofeedback and asked that I give him a list of titles that were effective. I discovered that the type of music whether it be The Pretenders or Dvorak did not seem to effect the results as much as did my total involvement in the music. Cowboy Junkies (for popular music) however are at the top of my list due to the continuity of their song writing, which to me means a clean flow to the music and my total involvement. Don't mean to stretch the thread but I have been listening 15 degrees off axis with my old Castle speakers. My new speakers once they are broken in should allow a better on axis sound.
Ahhhhhh... I absolutely do fall asleep, day or night, depending on how I feel, whilst listening to music. No, I don't wake up when it's over. I really should remember to put the player on repeat if that's the source. And it doesn't matter how high the volume is. The problem with that, of course, is my neighbors complaining to security folks in my building, but those guys are used to it. I should also mention that I too have chronic pain as DK, my buddy, does. As a clinical pharmacologist (disabled/retired) and one who takes very potent opioids (DK gave that away, heh heh), the pleasure and joy of listening to great music under these circumstances is it's pain relieving and soothing effects. DK alluded to that. One thing I should make really clear is that I think sleep itself is a great pain reliever, if not the best. In fact, I wouldn't even contemplate trying to sleep in my recliner without music playing. Thanks to either great FM (Fanfare tuner) or the multidisc DVD player, I get to achieve my goals; i.e., getting sleep at all. I can count on one hand just how many times I've slept in my bed in any given month, including zero. Since I can only sleep 2-3 hours at a time, I have the chance to change the source and do serious listening! It's been a long time since I've used headphones, but I'm sure I'd have the same effects with them. Perhaps the pleasure of listening to music induces endorphin secretion. I wonder if that's even documented? For those of us with years of experience in biofeedback or meditation and being able to reach deep levels the endorphin effect, if existant, may be increased. I'll tell you one thing, it's therapeutic abilities justifies buying good equipment! I wonder if I can take a medical expense tax deduction on what I paid for my new system this year??? DK, what do you think of that one? ;)
Dekay, SFbay-- small world. Several years ago I was also "prescribed" bio-feedback for insomnia/tension. The BFB works very well, but is greatly enhanced by good music on infinite repeat. Interestingly, it's not the conventional yoga type music that does it for me, but like Dekay, I also like music such as Cowboy Junkies-- I find Margo Timmins voice on "The Trinity Session", and "The Caution Horses" to be sweet, soft, haunting, and also hypnotic. These two CDs are their soft and slow music. I also use the slow tracks of Mai're Brennan's music-- beautiful voice, she's also lead singer for the new age group Clannad, and is Enya's sister. BTW, she has 5 CDs out (all are very good) under her own name and is worth looking up. I also use some obscure New Age music such as "Secret Garden"-- BTW, that's a group. An excellent and relaxing stereo system enhances this relaxation effect also. I sometimes wake up in the wee hours of the morning to turn my components off :>). Cheers, Craig.
All I can say is I'm guilty too.Great thread Findjill.Happy listening a.......oops I fell asleep before I could finish the sentence.You all know what I mean!!!
SF: I have not checked out using gear as a tax deduction, but have already been turned down by worker's comp in regard to system upgrades. I ran the purchase a Bel Canto DAC through my WK caseworker at a meeting held at my neurologists office. The neurologist added that "well we have seen more improvement in the past three months than we have in the past two years, there may be something to his claim that the music helps." The neurologist is also certified "wacky", his hair is a different color every time I visit. My wife comes along for no other reason than to see what the color of the month is. I suspect that when there is a cancellation or a lapse in appointments, he goes to the restroom and dyes his hair another color. The only problem with what I have been doing with the biofeedback is that I have conditioned myself to automatically perform the breathing exercises when I listen to music, because of this I now have to listen to talk radio when driving the car.
Man, am I glad this post popped up - I thought it was me. I fall asleep almost every time, I thought it was my age, only 42 but a 20 year old and 17 year old have aged me! As soon as I close my eyes to enjoy the soundstage it's over.
I always fall asleep during listening. The music renders me completely relaxed and at peace. My girlfriend always gets mad at me for this. The first time I saw someone else admitting to this was Sam Tellig, in a recent review. I knew I wasn't alone, but discounted him because of his age.
DK: Despite so many of my docs supporting my claim, I'm getting rejected a lot. So, what else can I do so to sooth this savage me, moi?? Listen to music! But I've got to get my dose of Howard Stern in the morning... that's why I needed a Fanfare tuner! Hey Pops, I'm 47, and I've been falling asleep listening to music for >10 yrs. It's not just the medical marijuana!
I find it difficult to fall asleep while in the "sweet spot", whether or not I am listening to music.
I too fall asleep while listening to my system. I've been thinking that there is something wrong with my system and that it does not involve the listener to the music. May be it is just the oposite. Happy listening...
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This brings up one of the reasons why music is so great. It moves us. I ditto Elizabeth's comments and do wonder if this is an elevated meditation state rather than plain zonking out. The music can achieve some profound state in my mind then when the music stopping (not silence is my analog system) the difference is very pronounced - very loud as Elizabeth says. I notice that when I am listening to Classic 45's and most CDs this never happens. It seems that there is a zone for me at 15 to 30+ minutes that makes the music work for me and then makes that blanking silence more pronounced. Getting up to change a record every 8-15 minutes doesn't quite allow me to get "there" and I very seldom get into to a CD's music presentation "there". In both cases, I just simply may not be listening to the music. A lot of good LPs and well-performed live classical music performances do it for me. It just could be my listening readiness, time related, and my attention span.
Just remember, even though you're in La-La land during the music you're brain is absorbing all that is coming out of those speakers! Music is one of the best and most addictive drugs know to man and it's no wonder we can't keep our eyes open when we down a large dose of good music after a rough day !!! ENJOY THE ADDICTION....