How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?

By truly satisfied, I mean, zero desire to change a thing-

I'll raise my hand- and being at a happy place with my system is a happy thought- 

At the present time I’m totally happy with my system.
Just about everything sounds good if I make allowances for differing recording techniques. Some recordings, of course, sound better than others, but almost nothing sounds bad.  This is a place divinely to be wished for.
After those yearssss... and $$$... It is time to... only listen to my music and appreciate how good it sound to me... to you. Enjoy ze Music
I Had the owner of the top store in town come to my house a couple of weeks ago. I had reached a point where i had done all I could and thought it was very good sound. He was going to come and offer me suggestions on how to improve things. After checking my cartridge alignment, azimuth, vta etc, he had no adjustments to make and said, “you are hired.” Then we listened to music. He moved the speakers about ten times, till he returned them just where I originally had them. He was shocked by my high quality electricity (nothing else on the circuit). At the end, he said, “I wouldn’t change anything.” 
The guy who sells me stuff. It was nice to get his confirmation that he was hearing the same thing I was. 
So I am going to upgrade headphones and be done with my system for a long time. Just buy more vinyl. And a second listening chair. The end. 

I have the itch to go to horn speakers after years and years of normal dynamic speakers. I mean I have had these B&W 800s since forever it seems, and am quite pleased with sound, but I now I want to try horns due to their immediacy and efficiency. I like the mustang analogy above, been there done that with corvettes and mustangs, haha. But speakers, been hanging on for life...some Klispch owners have had their Klipschorns for nearly 20 years, which is like being married for 20 years, a rarity in today’s world. So, I have the itch to go horns,  Abe keep the B&ws, or maybe not, but everything is on the table, Classic Audio loudspeakers in Brighton Michigan, Klipschorns, spatial audio, pure audiophile project, and anything else I get a chance to hear. But, I like the sound of my B&ws, but want something different! What’s wrong with me? Or us, as an audio community, haha
 Horns are definitely a new world experience of sound. I miss them at times, yet know that the shortcomings can be off putting as well. Funny though, when you come from horns back to a regular speaker it is in some ways disappointing.