How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present

Sometimes when I dream, imagining of replacing my current 1997 Burmester 961 speakers, before maybe COVID19 is sending me to an early grave - I'm practically only stumbling on ugly often even like somehow crippled looking speaker creations.
Test will say, sounding fantastically gorgeous and - looking like 💩. 
This, or par tout looking like some or other children's coffin ⚰. 😥👻

Not for the life of it, can I imagine ever having some such 'creation' invading my daily living space. Ever.

Talking 'bout a BAD WAF situation, I say.

Some makers are trying to improve on this tragic situation with creations looking far too anatomical or something alien👾 fruit thing hanging off a tree... handle an' all. 

Is there no hope out there at all...? 🤔

So can one savely move on forgetting about a replacement, still in this here life, and saving the money 💰 ?

Well, the budget <= max 20k $ lets say, so I won't risk starving before the lockdown will end ever. 😱 

😘 M. 🇿🇦 
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The Davone Ray-S are very pleasing to look at, Actually soothing in a refined way. Real wood, and a very organic way with music, always smooth yet can fill a large space with terrific imaging. Great comments everywhere on those very special loudspeakers. 

Michelle, You are fully correct 🎯 I have only myself to blame, and clearly can see the elephants in the room 🐘🐘 it is a joy to get each other's take on these matters along the way (and personalities) of which is the equipment. At the end of that line, the soul is the goal. 🔉🔉 In appreciation of your well-wishes to home them soon, I also hope to do a system page.🤞🏻It's nice to see the environments where the music is enjoyed. 🛋☕️ You'll find your's and at the opposite end of the scale as mine. 😄

Why do I immediately think ET 👽?!? 🤔

Thanks for the thought 💭 - alas one more 'objet trop extraordinaire'... 😏

Interesting, in as much as it looks like a BOSE 901 VI update --- of sorts? 😉 

Michélle 🇿🇦 

Naaa... no blame - I say... so long such oversized 'babies' wouldn't be taking up residence in MY living space! 😘
Michélle 🇿🇦 
Perhaps I detect sour-grapes 🍇 🤢 as these are very hard to find??  Believing  that make's me feel as though I made the proper choice. 🏆🏅😉