How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present

Sometimes when I dream, imagining of replacing my current 1997 Burmester 961 speakers, before maybe COVID19 is sending me to an early grave - I'm practically only stumbling on ugly often even like somehow crippled looking speaker creations.
Test will say, sounding fantastically gorgeous and - looking like 💩. 
This, or par tout looking like some or other children's coffin ⚰. 😥👻

Not for the life of it, can I imagine ever having some such 'creation' invading my daily living space. Ever.

Talking 'bout a BAD WAF situation, I say.

Some makers are trying to improve on this tragic situation with creations looking far too anatomical or something alien👾 fruit thing hanging off a tree... handle an' all. 

Is there no hope out there at all...? 🤔

So can one savely move on forgetting about a replacement, still in this here life, and saving the money 💰 ?

Well, the budget <= max 20k $ lets say, so I won't risk starving before the lockdown will end ever. 😱 

😘 M. 🇿🇦 
Scaena Loudspeakers are elegant speaker art.  Specific colors can be special ordered to match decors or for any personal preference 

They take up very little physical space, yet throw an enormous sound stage
How about making your posts (since you’ve been doing the same there), demonstratively evident in your Opening Post above,... "Nice Looking" [read less Ugly] akin to the speakers you desire... by demonstrating impulse control with the emojis?
Not sure what you consider to be nice-looking.  Would a pair of fabric-covered room dividers suit your taste?  Maggies would fill the bill there.
My solution was Acoustic Zen Crescendo II, pre-owned.  Beautiful in rosewood.  My wife exclaimed "OHHH, they're like furniture!" when I unboxed them.  8 - 9 k$  
There are more pretty ones these days than ugly ones. Excellent sound is more the issue, and occasionally, but not often, some that sound very good are ungainly, or not beautiful as far as most women or non-audiophiles are concerned. Other than that, I don't know what you're getting at. There's a "sound" for everyone out there. Pick one, and then get  that type of sound in a pretty wrapper.
Hm, I know... what is ment by 'nice looking'.
As in: "de gustibus non disputandum est. 😉"... 
Will some 'hunch back of Notre dame' design cut it? 😉 Not at all, and as mentioned, there's some mighty weird stuff on offer... 

A quick look at my one and only system photo will be the quickest way to see my still current speakers, Burmester 961 as mentioned.
They, at the time, had far better WAF than e.g. Watt/Puppys, high polished car paint and all, - sound also didn't sway me either - at the time...

The first suggestion with all those lined up 'jam pots' is a beautiful negative, sorry,
that ZU item is kind of furniture, yes, but kind of too big furniture for me,
and the Maggie idea is in need of more than just 3 foot front wall space, plus kind of mighty imposing in a living room. Musical paravan/dividers 🎶🙄

The smaller Maggies have no low-end I read, and there is no room for subs, never really was, plus I'm cagey about their ultimate integration issues.

But in any case many thanks for that kind feedback! 👍😊
Michélle 🇿🇦 
Tablejockey has the right idea. I think to most women the Sonus Faber speakers will win that battle as they look more like fine furniture. They are also a fine sounding loudspeaker.
A note to all you young unmarried audiophiles out there. Get the biggest, ugliest speakers you can afford. If they marry you with those monstrosities you are in business. When I met my wife I had Magnepan Tympani's, perfect. Anything looks better than Tympani's. She'll have no problem swallowing Sound Labs 845's:)    
appart from SF which looks ok, it does, but has multiple front firing small bass drivers and weird slot port along the back. Bass sucks in my place, had one for very short while to test. 

Plus the other weird ultra wide item, not made any more, and just like one fat panel with fancy woodwork - all other suggestions are un-attractive, not to say more. 

Some look more homely than what not... so far proving my point it seems. 😒

If your female companions had a relative comparable presentation what'd you say?! 🤔 
Wouldn't give that one not another look, right? 🙄😕
Even if she could sing like an 😇 and be very sweet 🥰 otherwise. Humph. 🤯 

Honestly, some of them look like polished up homemade coffins, as I said. 😢😓
Michélle 🇿🇦 
Here is  a question Michelle, do you like the look of your current Burmester speakers?
There are so many that I don’t even know why this topic is a real thing.

#1 is Tannoy Kensington GR, or even Stirling/Turnberry. Anyone seeing these in person will be astounded. They are literally works of art that will leave you speechless.

Someone mentioned Scanea and I agree that they’re stunning.
Dali Epicon 8 in either of the wood finishes = wow.

Paradigm Persona are stunning and elegant. Extremely expensive looking speakers that fit in well with most rooms. There are some very odd custom colors out there, and some awesome ones that are pretty bold, but they’re extremely classy looking speakers.

Vienna Acoustic, Bach/Mozart/Beethoven even though the cabinets look the exact same as they did 15 years ago, always lovely. The Liszt not as much.

Focal Kanta in any of the wood colors are gorgeous and very forward thinking design. Outstanding looking and outstanding fit and finish.

Speaking of Focal, if someone is okay with a futuristic/elegant looking speaker, the Sopra is in my opinion one of the best speaker designs ever. Not sure who in their right mind would prefer something like a B&W 803 over a Sopra. Or Persona for that matter.
It’s such an open ended question, as all rooms are different, as are tastes. One things for certain though — your attraction/satisfaction of the visual look of your speakers will effect your perception of the sound far more than any cable will.

yes, I like the Burmesters look, but 25 years of looking at them, makes me itchy to look for a suitable/possible alternative - this more so at times when I'm all day locked down with them - then that itch gets stronger. 

Now for heaven sake, please... to suggest these 100 year old looking Tannoys!
Puleeez, they look so frumpy, like some Amish horse dawn cart, it's just like naaaa, 😌 I beg you. 😳 

Ok, those Vienna acoustics, I'd looked at those, but they remind me a bit of toothpick versions of my current items, a bit to anorexic, I'd say.
Reading between the lines of some tests, I find some sort of confirmation, of sorts.
Bit too weedy, no good I'd decided.
(Like some dude with no brawn on his bones build for speed only, hm.) 

So yea, I'm now just brutally open sharing my take on those items, and for sure each of them will have their merits, certainly!
Alas not any looks in my book, hm. 
😘 Though many thanks again for all the suggestions 🙏. 
M. 🇿🇦 
Funny enough, I'd been playing with the idea of Wilson something or other, Sasha 2. Yet they are a bit to deep to work.
Funny also, no one one has mentioned those eh, what's name Maple vernier items build up the road from the Boulder amp factory in Boulder CO. 
Was sort of impressed when I'd visited their factory, though again they seem on the bright end of things, with all their ceramic drivers, and the small/little one looks cheap somehow. 🙄
M. 🇿🇦 
How can you say: "there are so many...." 
WAF?!? Maybe HAF (Husband Acceptance Factor) yeah, right. 😏 
Words, eh? 
Tekton Double Impacts ... something to do with beauty and beholder or something along those lines!
Hm, yeah this 'value for money' product of the year item.
Again as far as I see it, funny bass drivers and strange, odd construction. In any case also much to tall for my use and liking. 

BTW, it was Avalon speakers that no one had yet mentioned - are they still alive?! 
They had their factory in Boulder as I'd mentioned. 
Great construction, aesthetically pleasing to my eyes but always a bit on the stark, bright side of the spectrum, their midsized speakers on review. 

Most might now say, no wonder, she's too critical by far, can't be pleased. Ta, ta.

I was sort of involved in some recreation of Burmester B100, which might have spoiled me too much?
Not that I'd even have the space nor the change to even think in this dimension now and then, thought I had that prototype right in my then living room for testing. Huge, eish! 
Crazy, if I think some 10 odd years back. Maybe that will explain some, maybe. 

Whatever, not looking to great this enquiry, but good for my cash flow it'll be, hm. 😉
Thank you for caring, again. 
M. 🇿🇦 
If you want to buy nice looking speakers, I would stay away from a Tekton. IMHO they are one of the ugliest series of speakers on the market today. They probably sound good as the reviews claim, but they look more like unfinished pro sound speakers to me.
That’s like asking how many beautiful women are out there? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Google “beautiful floor standing speakers” and see what pops up.

I guess “a lot” would be my answer. 
My comment about the Tektons was supposed to be tongue in cheek. I guess I should have put a smiley face icon since that seems to be a recurring theme on this thread 😛
Not so sure what you suggest is quite so. 

I'm here out of competition, but there'll be gaplenty more beautiful, attractive I'd prefer, females to behold than stereo speakers. I beg you! 🙈 😏
In fact I had already a go at this on the web, based on the 'freaking' results, I than actually gave the forum a try. 

High end is pretty much a male endeavour, and so is the design of practically most of the hardware.
It is my learned contention, that with very few exceptions, aesthetic considerations, in particular with speakers, is not a primary consideration in this here hobby. Finely polished wood veneers alone does not make a beautiful design. 0

You welcome to disagree of course. 🙏
I've been at audio shows too, and looking at a lot of the items, they in no way passing in terms of WAF. My take, um. 😏 

A lot might qualify as industrial barock when trying to do something more than just boxes, functional boxes yes, some very highly functional, but hardly aesthetically pleasing. 

Thanks again for sharing your suggestions, I do appreciate the attention to all the detail. 
Thank you, 
M. 🇿🇦 
Like I said beauty is in the eye of the beholder so no objection whatsoever. 

Wow, I guess you mean this serious. 
Opening the web on this is actually a prime example of decidedly form followes function, with no aesthetic consideration given at all. 😒 Extra terrestrials 👽 might see it differently? 🤔 
Some if not most of their items are truly eye sores. 
M. 🇿🇦 
Tekton, Klipsch, Blumenhofer and Audio Note should be on the top of your list 😁

Magico, Estelon, Piega, Focal, Linn are good looking speakers with decent sound. 
The best option would be to have one of Agons experts,design you the “perfect” speaker. 
Volti, Salk, Daedalus, Avantguard, Kingsound, Gershman, the newest Paradigm, come to mind 
So if you like the Burmesters should I assume you want something more modern and techy? Metal over wood veneer? Narrow it down a bit and we may have some better recommendations.
Avantegarde horns perhaps? I do love their industrial design personally.

Look at Usher, their Mini dancer 1 or 2’s, BE10, Or be-20 floorstanding speakers. Great looks with great sound quality
Goldenear Reference. $10k, black piano finish....sound superb, reasonably easy to drive and set mine...
Prices in the silly range, but Borresen's are some pretty good looking speakers. Great WAF.
Pretty good looking speakers those BØRRESEN 05's eh? Only $120K but the top end of the range is 50kHz.  I think a dog can only hear to 48kHz.  I can only hear to just below 15kHz so I assume they'd build me a pair for under $40K?
You gonna look at them or listen to them? The best speakers disappear when you turn them on.
Focal Kanta, Paradigm Persona, Salk... there are numerous finishes available with any of these; some Salk SS8’s in an exotic finish and a stack of $5,000 cash on sitting on top of each speaker might look sexy! 
MBL101e if you could find them for $20k...
The Yamaha NS5000 has a piano like finish. Rather beautiful though the driver and retro box appearance may not be for everyone. It is also an extremely good sounding speaker.

KEF Blade.
Dang it, forgot Joseph Audio...

I’m sure I’ll be back later with more, lol
Ok, just to mention, if good speakers 'vanish' once you 'switch them on' - mine certainly do. 

So they still seem 'good speakers' eh? Even after 25 odd years. Interesting to learn. 😇

As for finishes. The older I get the less I'm into wood finish. I mentioned coffins... ⚰ 

I care for all suggestions mentioned, and been doing a lot of looking up of images on the web.
Numerous mentioned I'm familiar with, of sorts already, like e.g. Monitor Audio and that Ape named item, Orangutan et all. 

Some could do from a sound point of review, ok, but looks... not really.

Then there is JVC with compression horn tweeters - give a girl a break! as for their looks. Darth Vader? SCARY! 🙈 

And talking of horns, — OMG! Talk about weird contraptions in your living room. Puleeze!
Can put your bicycle next to it, and your Harley Knuckle-Head if you think.
Don't forget to take care of any oil leaks though. 🙄😱

One more thing to mention, talking of tweeters!
I'm not much of a fan of dome tweeters, neither silk, nor beryllium, or alu, perhaps diamond, yeah and why not. 💍 👍 😃
But ribbon, or a TOTL AMT kind, that will ring a 🛎 with me. 😊

This might now serve the request of narrowing things down a bit, eh? 
And thanks a stack, yet again! 😘 
Michélle 🇿🇦