How many LP's


I'm thinking of taking a jump to a turntable.......& such

I had 700 albums that I " dumped" when cd's arrived.........
Old BIC turntable 
A big "Stupid" move

Good Analog is " the best", to me


How many albums do you guys have in the " library "?
How many are 45's vs 33's

My thought; as a starter 

@whart if you are still in Austin please consider coming to the Austin Record Convention at Palmer Events Center at the end of this month. I will be at tables 67-69 if you want to take a look at some classical(and some non classical too). Thanks LS (Try Tone Classical)
@trytone I marked my calendar for the early entry day. I know Doug and met him for the first time several years ago. I will stop by to say hello.

only about 125 or so.  many more than i have time to listen to