How many LP's


I'm thinking of taking a jump to a turntable.......& such

I had 700 albums that I " dumped" when cd's arrived.........
Old BIC turntable 
A big "Stupid" move

Good Analog is " the best", to me


How many albums do you guys have in the " library "?
How many are 45's vs 33's

My thought; as a starter 


About that TransFi arm - let us know when you get it. May I suggest a few mods?

1. If your table is not suspended, it may benefit from an aluminum tower. I use 2" aluminum rod.
2. The arm has flat surfaces, which allows you to add damping gel all over the place.
3. The wand has holes of about 0.25". That's ideal for adding brass weights to increase the mass. Helps with cartridge matching.
4. I use a premium aquarium pump from HiBlow. That air goes into a surge tank built like a glass pack muffler, thence to a precision regulator (Fairchild), then a gauge (mm of mercury), then another surge tank. I use pressures ranging from 10 mm Hg to 35, depending on cartridge, record, and mood.
5. TransFi wand can be matched to the cartridge with immense precision. I use a very smooth calliper to adjust the cartridge into perfect (0.0004") alignment with the wand, then a torque screw driver to adjust torque.
6. Other adjustments are indicated in the manual. Some are easy, some fiddly, but all are intuitive and stable.

Let us know how it works for you!
I have around 3000 and still buy regularly. I could probably give away a third of them, which I might never listen to again, but I'll keep them. 

My son, who is 12, is looking forward to inheriting these after my demise. He doesn't know it but he has an analog future in store before my ultimate demise. I'll set him up nicely with a system. 

So, getting restarted in vinyl is a good thing, whether you have 10 or 10,000 albums. It is never too late or too early. Enjoy!
I recall visiting New Orleans years back,prior to Katrina.There was a record shop on Decauter .It was a 2 story building They were closed the morning arrived but peeking in through the window I saw stacks and stacks of Lp's.Are they still there ?
To the OP:
You never have enough.
My collection has dwindled over the years.
Starting with 45's in the 1950's and probably reaching about 2,500 at it's peak by 1990
I'm down to about 800 and still enjoy them all.Even the disco single plays.
djf1, Your small-ish LP collection is merely a correlate of your age.  At 55, I surmise that you came into the hobby at a time when LPs were considered de classe'.  Keep on buying, is my advice.

As for the TransFi, without a doubt that would be my choice if I ever decide to put up with a compressor and the noise and maintenance thereof.
I recently bought a VPI HW-19 specifically to mount a Trans-Fi on. Can't do that with my Townshend Rock table ;-) .