How many Lp do U have more than 5 of the Same

I was just going over some of my LP the other day to find out that I have 6 copies of Dark Side Of The Moon, 2 are Hot Stampers, but why do I keep the others.
Also 7 copies Of Dire Straits LP, no Hot Stamper.
Led Zep 1V, Oh probably 6+ copies, 2nd issue and up no 1st issue yet. I quess still hoping to find one.
I have 4 Box sets of Rene Leibowitz world Famous for his Readers Digest of The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven.
I have to many LP of the same title some 2 and 3 of the same title.
Must do something about it in the New Year.

Not to get into the other Audio gear that has been sitting for 2-3 years,Tubes, PC, Tweaks, IC, Speakers, DVD players.

Do you have a similar issue
Mahavishnu Orchestra -Inner Mounting Flame- 4 copies, 2 Japanese. Al Di Meola - Cielo e Terra - 6 copies, 2 Japanese. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew - 4 copies, all original pressing.
20 Dark Side of the Moon, 15 vinyl/5 cd
12 Abbey Road, 9 vinyl/3 cd
7 Sgt. Pepper, 5 vinyl/2 cd
6 Close to the Edge, 4 vinyl/2 cd
6 Aja, 4 vinyl/2 cd

Many doubles and triples but you said 5 or more.
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys 5 copies. Genesis - Selling England by the pound 4 copies. The only reissue thats better than the original of anything I've had the chance to compare: The first Pretenders. The last Band of Gypsys I bought, 180gram record, super clean, super quiet, super detail, just didn't sound like a concert from the 70's.
Richard Thompson: Live (more or less), 5 copies, 2 sealed.

Lou Reed: Take No Prisoners, 5 copies, 1 WLP.

Frank Zappa: Live in New York, 4 copies, 1 WLP w/Punky's Whip, 1 sealed.
No more than 2 copies, and that of only a dozen albums I really love.
I make an effort to get rid of dups. My self-allotted LP collection size is (approx) 6,000 that fit on the shelving I have now. When I get more, I get rid of other stuff.
So almost all the dups have been tossed or sold.
(but i do have classical work dups.. different performances of same works)
I try hard not to buy dups, but once in awhile I do anyway.. but they go back to the store.
Two copies of an LP is more than enough for me, especially since I probably have a cd copy of it and it is probably also available on Rhapsody to play through my SqueezeBox.
I may have five copies of Gerald Finzi's "Intimations of Immortality" on Lyrita.
John Lennon Plastic Ono Band
Paul McCartney first album
King Crimson Islands
King Crimson Court of the Crimson King

for starters!

p.s. you keep the others for back up of course!
Grateful Dead American Beauty-3 Mobile Fidelity and 5 Warner Brothers
Why would anyone want or 5 or more times the same CD/LP?
I have quite a few and getting more as people give them to me. A few relatives either own or work at disposal company’s and bring me records from time to time. I toss what is crap first then when I have time I will go through to check them against what I already have and for hot stampers ha (a load of crap) before I give them away at Spins on Sunday.
Why would anyone want or 5 or more times the same CD/LP?

Well in my case I don't make a habit of it. However, if an LP is out of print and I have to buy it used, another copy might pop up that is in better condition than the other copy(ies) I have. Such is the case with the Lou Reed lp I mentioned on my list. It's one of my favorites by him and its pretty difficult to find. Most were cut-outs and on my 5th purchase I was finally able to get a clean copy that wasn't a cut-out.

As for the Richard Thompson lp on my list. If you like his music and you haven't heard this lp then its a must have in my opinion. It's a two lp set. The first lp is all of the previously released "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight." The second lp side one, offers some rare studio recordings/outtakes. The version of "Ballad of Easy Rider" featuring Sandy Denny will bring you to tears (shortly after I purchased my first copy she passed away). Side four offers two live cuts, "Calvary Cross" and "Night Comes In." Anyone interested in why many feel Richard Thompson is one of the greatest (and sometimes overlooked) guitarists of our time just needs to listen to these two tracks to find out.
10 "Born to Run" including a "scrpt cover" copy in mint condition. 10 copies of Gaslight anthem's "american slang" including several limitted aditions of 500 or less. A multible of Beatles in different box sets, original copies, mfs copies and reissues. Neil young's "After the Gold Rush" and "Harvest" in several different originals, reissues, mfs and a box set. The Rolling Stones's several different albums in box sets, mfs, originals and reissues. I do not see it as a problem, though my wife does.
If she looks the other way she won't see a problem.
I don't 5 of any title. I have several doubles only because I have both the LP and CD version. The only LP I have doubles of is Blind Faith and then only because I wanted one of each cover.

If I get a better sounding dup of an LP I already have, I generally pass on the old one to a tenant of my best friend's. He's a youngin' trying to build a collection on an extremely limited budget and gladly accepts contributions of anything.
It just has to be asked....why or "what" would posses you to have 5 copies or more of 1 LP or CD?? I could see if you had a couple of houses or a different systems,cars, maybe...but if its just one system, well it doesnt make to much sense to me. Anyway I would be curious to know (for those who do have 5 or more)..WHY?? Please dont say "because I can" or I "choose to".....
DSOTM: 19 vinyl/5 CD/1 SACD/1 Casstte/7 8 track/1 MFSL digital audio tape (PCM betamax tape)

I have more than 5 copies of every PF title but DSOTM I have the most of.
To Tjnif

My answer to your question is, that most of my record collection is from the 60-70, and none of mine were bought by me @ that time of release. So most of my LP are used. I buy an Lp and listen to it and make notes as to its quality sound, originality, which issue is it, and then rate them on my plastic cover. Say Pink Floyd DSOTM , I had 1 or 2 copies from Canada, and they were fine, then I was in Salsburg Austria and found a copy there, so I bought it, then when I Lived in England for a few years I bought a few more there, They all seem to be different in sound quality, so I found it interesting when I found one that sounded superior to all the ones I had,trust me we are talking about a Big difference in sound quality, a wider and deeper soundstage, amazing detail, and a much more deeper bass. So as a hobbie it seems to keep me buying clean copies looking for a better sounding LP, and why would I keep so many , I never seem to have the time to go over all my stuff and clean it out. I have 2 DSOTM Hot Stampers and wouldn't sell either ,and for the other DSOTM, maybe that's a good New Years resolution. My wife would love it, if I can cut down some of my LP.
Hobbie sometime don't make dollard sence, It's fun and exiting and I love the thrill of of putting that next copy on my Hot super tweaked out Garrard 301 and see what it has to deliver, I have been surprised to many times, to stop now.

Hope that helps
Listen and enjoy
collectors collect!
How many see yourselves more as investors than collectors?
I certainly don't invest because I never intend to sell. I have about 3,000 LP's that I started buying in the early '70's. I woke up 40 years later with what one might call a collection. An accumulation would be more accurate. Over the years, I just bought what I liked with no preconceived plan. I have no holes in my accumulation. I never set out to own "x" amount of any particular artist or a complete set of any artist.

If Rhapsody and Pandora music services along with the SqeezeBox had been around when I started, no way would I own that many LP's along with over 1,000 cd's. For sure, we are the last generation where large numbers of us will own large numbers of hard copy music. The day is fast approaching where your 10,000+ collection will be kept in a device the size of a shoebox.
So, what is the best sounding copy of DSOTM and Wish You Were Here this side of test pressing? And of Deep Purple "Machine Head" ?
Well Mcallen25, thats interesting. I suppose I could see one (lack of a better word) "obsessed" with trying to find the "ultimate LP", epecially if you have some copies that reveal a big difference in sonics.

I always look on forums for advise & suggestions re. best recorded LP ect,ect... and seek em out on ebay or whatever. I usually do pretty good. The only time I have a second copy is to replace one that I bought in the 70's and is perhaps a little to worn... wooud like to hear from people as to what versions or years are their favorite "best recorded" LP's. Perhaps a different or new thread?
Best DSOTM is the UK first pressing. The Pro Series, MFSL, Centenary, 30th anniversary, etc. copies don't compare.

Actually the MFSL, both releases, aren't that good. IMO, the real bargain is the 30th anniversary which can still be found for under $30.

I have only 2 copies (UK and US first pressings) of WYWH so I'll pass on that.
I solve the issue of buying multiple copies of a LP by entering my LP collection into a database. I use iDBmaster for the iPhone to manage my record collection, so when I go to a record store, I check to see if I already have that LP. This saves me a lot of money. I must mention that I can no longer use iDBmaster because I upgraded to the iPhone 4 and iDBmaster does not work on the iPhone 4. I am now using Bento for iPhone, and I also have Bento 3 on my Mac Book Pro. You can do this with any Database program that supports your mobile device.
To answer Tjnif, I only deliberately seek out two copies of any LP I really like. With pop/rock, however, I just can't resist a really pristine copy when I come across a $1 or $2 copy in the used bins. I suppose I can also rationalize that when I become old and demented, I'll have an inexhaustible stock of pop/rock fom my adolescence plus a few to hand out to the kids. That said, I have five of these:
Led Zep III (including Classic)
Heart Dreamboat Annie
Rickie Lee Jones eponymous
Steely Dan Aja
Pretenders first three releases (including Nautilus)
Rush Permanent Waves (including MoFi)
Wall of Voodoo Dark Continent
Police Regatta De Blanc
(from the '90's) Man, or Astro-man? Experiment Zero
almost every beatle lp and off the top of my head most of the classic moody blues lps.