How many lines for standard TV, HDTV, DVD, S-Video

I have a standard 32" sony tv. I wonder if using s-video output from the dvd player can improve the video quality. How many lines are there in standard tv, HDTV, and DVD format? how many lines are there for composite output, s-video output and component video from DVD?
Thanks a lot in advance.
In your standard TV, there are 480 horizontal lines, interlaced. HD can go to 720 progressive or 1080 interlaced. S-video will help with clarity, but doesn't change the number of horizontal lines, the same with component connections, again better than SV but no increase in the horizontal lines. to do that, you'd need an HD capable TV.

BTW DVD can output 480p if it's a progressive player.
I recently started using my S-video connection to my Sony TV from both my DVD player and my satellite system. the beauty of S-video is in the delivery. You can't get more lines from your TV screen than it can give you. But the S-video connection breaks the image down to the original Red, green and blue colors and it piggy-backs the form onto one of these feeds. You get a much better picture. I use a little $49.00 box from Radio Shack to control which source (satellite or DVD) and this box even has a remote. Another thing I discovered, by accident(I sat on the TV's remote...) was that by running the satellite through the S-video and using the left/right audio inputs, and connecting the cable TV out let to the normal cable TV-in at the TV, I get my picture-in-picture feature back.
I thought progressive scan 480p only worked on Digital TV's.