How many hours per week do you listen to music?

I'm just curious how much time people here spend listening to their system in a typical week. I spend about 2 hours/day during the week and 4 hours/day on the weekend, so that's 18 hours/week total.
All of them.
No music on week days. About seven hours on weekend.
I often work at home, so system almost always running in "background" -- 6-8 hours a day. "Critical" listening happens much less, sadly, maybe 5 hours a wk. John
All day,in the house,in the car,in the yard,at work.Hell I go to sleep listening!!!!Does this make me an addict,do I need help?
Critical (or semi critical) listening - ~ 10-20 hrs/week

While working - another ~20-25 hrs/week.
I am retired and do have more time to listen. I rarely let a day go by without sitting down and putting something on.
I do find myself getting a little burned out if i don't take a break now and then. Changing the type of music also keeps me engaged.
About 3 to 4 hours a day at the moment, but have the dreaded builders in at the moment, so none.
Like Jdoris, I work quite a bit from home. They system is on 10-12 hours a day. Time in the listening chair is 2-3 hours/day if I can do it.
18-24 hours per week, I listen critically maybe a third of the time.
Never critical,always casual about 5-6 hours a day minimum....
I'm married so usually 1 hour per day. Two hours on Saturday if she goes shopping. I love her but she loves the TV.
Dred: That's one more reason to "Kill Your Television"! :)
Unmarried days=1.5 per day min
Now=almost never
I'm married. She watches TV in the evening in our den while I listen in the living room. Or, she turns off the TV and reads in the den and listens from afar. She never sits in the listening chair. She has no interest in this.

We watch some TV together. We're both Lakers fans.

But being married doesn't have any effect on my listening time.
About 2 hours a day - a good headset (Sennheiser) turned out to be my best friend because my wife enjoys movies in the evenings. I can watch the picture and listen to my music at the same time. You would be amazed at how much of a movie you can follow without the dialogue!!
Puerto, What an interesting way to be with her and still listen. I think my wife would still object but I might try this.
Also, brings back vivid memories of a great ad by Koss-the husband is listening and she is doing her thing. Can anyone provide that image for those that might have missed it?
Dred: FWIW my wife could care less. We are together, she is enjoying the movie and I am enjoying the music. The only caveat is that she keep the volume of the movie at a reasonable level. It has worked well.
At work on average 7 hours/day. I have two residential design showrooms and we have full-showroom sound throughout both with separate controls by room and office. Mostly listen to XM stations. Some terrific listening. We've been glued to the "Jam Band" station the past couple of weeks.

At home I don't get as much opportunity to listen to either of my systems since my wife appreciates family time with her and my 7 y.o. daughter (so do I). I try to squeeze in at least 4 hr/wk serious listening time via my main system.

Disney movie or 500-Rummy anyone?
I listen about 10-14 hrs per week

02-23-10: Tvad
We're both Lakers fans.

Grant, I knew there was something I liked about you!

Although I'm back East, I've been a Laker's fan all my life.

The Showtime years with Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Cooper, Riley and the rest will never be duplicated. And I saw them play in the Fabulous Forum!
30 hours per week, at least

keeps the "idiot box" off
pre marriage = 3 to 4 hours min. per day weekdays and way more on weekends. I'm not a big tv watcher.

early marriage = maybe 10 hours total for the entire week....lots of newlywed nookie going on :p

15 years married = lost my dedicated room to her "formal" living room wish.(system scaled down and shoved up against the wall now. :{ ) Mind you we have a large family room well appointed, and open to the kitchen, that is always the gathering space! Plasma, fireplace, lots of comfy seating, etc.

Now that my once fantastic sounding dedicated room is remodeled and full of over-sized leather furniture, coffee tables, end tables, "clogged up with stuff"....... maybe, maybe once every 2 weeks I'll rearrange "stuff" and pull Maggies out from wall for a 2 hour session.

Geez, for a former musician this is an absolute nightmare! But, ain't marriage grand? all about compromise? at least at my expense eh?