How many hours did your projector lamp last?

Just ordered a replacement lamp for my Sony Pearl projector...although it only has about 800 hours on it, it's just too dim to enjoy a movie. I had hoped the lamp would last at least 1000 hours, so I'm a bit disappointed.

What luck have you had?
My last Runco VX-101-cx bulb lasted just 404 hours (out of expected ~1500 hours) The tech told me that a power surge could have zapped it or that perhaps I wasn't making sure it was completely cooled down before starting the projector back up. Given that the unit retailed for $15,000 several years back and has already had the power supply rebuilt twice, I'm also disappointed, to say the least. I only watch about 100 movies/yr. on it MAX.
I got 1800 hours out of my last lamp on my Mitsu. Projected bulb life was 5000 hours. Remember, bulb life is usually measured in a room that's about 60 degrees and the projector is left on constantly. Turning your projector on/off and higher ambient temp will reduce bulb life.
My projector is pretty old (Infocus X-1)....the bulb has around 2,000 hours on it. It's rated for 3,000-4,000 hours if I recall correctly?

I've been running a Optoma H77 for almost 4 years now.
1258 hrs and still going strong.
I have a Sanyo Z5 which I watch most days. The lamp has 2900 hours on the clock. It is in a dark room, so I use the second lowest setting of the 4 choices (A2).
On my old sony vpl vw10ht, it'd get about 1000 hours before it got a little dim and the colors started loosing their "pop"

One bulb I ran to 2200 hours...but the replacement bulb really highlighted the differences.

I've since donated that projector to church and moved onto a Pioneer Elite Pro FPJ1...only 2-300 hours on it so far...
Just be sure to purchase a lamp with an original bulb inside.  Pureland Supply sells only original lamps.  The VPL-VW10HT lamp should come with an Ushio bulb inside
The picture on our old Sony Pearl started to get dim after about 1000 hours, but our new Sony has nearly 2000 hours and the picture still looks great.  IIRC, Sony claims a bulb life for our new projector of 3-4 K hours.