How many got back into vinyl post divorce?

I'll start the list...
Not intrested in going there. Nor am I intrested in going that way either.
A more interesting question might be, who got a divorce because they got back into vinyl!!!!!
I think the question may be, post divorce how big did the system get without the WAF? I'm not divorced and do not have a WAF issue but have read quite a few here do.
surely you must have meant "latex"....
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck..............
Just about the first thing I did after separating.
My ex got the vinyl.
I will never divorce vinyl...
I had a prenup...
A bigger question to ask is why would you relinquish vinyl while married to begin with? When I met my girlfriend, now fiancee, I was a nascent audiophile and only developed my obsession with vinyl as our relationship progressed. I made sure she understood my obsession was part of the deal. At the same time I knew her two cats were part of the deal so we compromised - she got to keep her cats, I got the master bedroom, and we're both happy.
I kept the vinyl and stayed single.
I never did 'divorce' vinyl, kept 'her' around, and still occasionally buy her new stuff and take her for a spin (less than 5%)
I treat her right, my vinyl from the 70's still look and sound mint.
I like Mofimadness' response, hopefully tongue 'n cheek, but if not...

I got into vinyl WHILE married. In fact I am still married, and to the same fine lady! About 5 years into the marriage, knowing before hand that I was very interested in music and hi-fi to a great degree, I asked if she would have a problem with me getting into a new format. Up to that time I was digital only, with a few toe dips into minidisc and downloads. Having walked around our neighbourhood during yard sale season, I passed one gent selling a box of classical vinyl. My wife was with me. He responded: Five. Five? I replied. Do you think that is too much for them? How many do I have here... hmmm, 45? I'd like $5 for them, I think that is fair.

My wife's jaw dropped but she was standing behind myself and I was between he and she. I smirked, looked at her and asked if that was okay? She shook her head yes. I swapped out my son in the stroller I was pushing and put the box of LPs in there. I carried my son home while my wife pushed the vinyl all the way home. She couldn't believe I bought all of that for $5. She was expecting $5 each at least.

That was the beginning of it all. Thankfully she has not taken a fit seeing $50+ for 45 rpm Jazz reissues, but then I rarely go out, rarely drink, etc.

If a prenup isn't in place, engage one's significant other before separation sets in. Music is a great mood maker, and we all know vinyl does it best.
Just another sad story. She got the vinyl, he got the asphalt.
Say what dude!!
My wife & I have been together for 37 yrs. I tell her all the time that I love her more than ice cream & CD's. And I mean every word of it (-: