How many DVDs/CDs/LPs do you own?

The "how much did you spend on your system?" thread got me to much software does the typical Audiogoner have? And what is it's value, as a percentage of your hardware? As for me: 100 DVDs, 330 CDs, 250 value about 30-40% of my total A/V hardware. I feel guilty...a cousin of mine boasts 2000 CDs and 8000 LPs!
75 DVDs
800 CDs
0 LPs
Actual software cost is about 40% of actual cost of hardware.

Other potentially interesting demographic bits:
Not DVD-A enabled.
Not SACD enabled.
PVR enabled.
200 DVD's
700 CD's
300 LP's (but no bloody turn table)
I am fine representation of the typical "A/V dork" but I have a feeling I am in good company.
370 CD's, 85 DVD's and 240 LP's at last count. Not too very many as these things go.
I have 1,100 or so CDs. (I have given away to my local library about another 1,000) I gave ALL my VHS tapes (about 200) away to my co-workers and friends cuz I went pure DVD/LD. I have 3 DVD-A's I got fer free. I have 200 LD movies and 20 DVD's but growing fast. A bunch of cassettes that have been gathering dust for at LEAST 6 years... No 8-tracks, no LPs, no Betamax. (I DO wish I had a good vinyl collection though)
120 CDs (fastest growing group)
250 cassettes (and declining as they fail)
450 lps (mostly in storage due to renovations)
About 4,500 78 rpm records (Times and formats change, I guess)

I think the last time I checked sw was about 40%, but as always I'm upgrade bound, so this too will pass.

~2,000 cd's
~5,000 lp's
4 dvd-v's (just bought my 1st dvd player and 16:9 dtv in the past 2 weeks).

500 CD's.
You boys got lots of DVD's. What's the best source for A/V dorks buy their DVD's? I am nontypical and only have a couple. But please, no porn.

30 DVDs; 95 LDs; 5000 CDs; 25 SACDs; 800 LPs. Don't know percentage cost of my hardware. Mostly listen to music, but also enjoy some good movies, like Withnail and I (found it on LD) and Baghdad Cafe (also LD). Both are hysterical comedy/tragedies.
About 900 CDs and about 500 LPS (down from about 800 many years ago, not to mention the ones I didn't keep even before CDs came along); No DVDs--IMO there's nothing out there (at least in the U.S.) worth spending more than the cost of a tape rental to watch.

The value of my software is far in excess of the value of my hardware--roughly $12-13,000 (conservatively) vs. about $3500, or $4500 if you count older gear that's been moved to second-system status.
About 1000 CDs and a couple hundred VHS tapes. These represent about 40% of stereo system value. Happy Listening. Craig
My "library" includes about 2600 LP's, 1110 CD's, 100 or so jazz videos, and about 50 DVD's.
My "library" includes about 2600 LP's, 1100 CD's, 100 or so jazz videos, and about 50 DVD's.
I have a little over 1000 cd's, 50+ DVD's and 30 Laserdiscs. Don't have a single Lp. My X won the flip and took my record collection in 1984, just to piss me off. I got my first cd player soon after and never looked back. Here's the kicker. I ran into her a few years ago and asked about my beloved LP's. She told me she tossed them into the trash because they were too heavy and costly to move.
Chstob I just shop around(not on the web but actual stores), and when I see a sale I pounce. It is not uncommon for me to buy 20+ DVD's at one time when they are at a good price, I save a fortune by spending so much, heh heh. And for those who are into adult entertainment(come on now admit it) there should be a local shop and at this shop you will find HIGH prices so go to the top 20 chart and find a few that interest you(sorry farm animals are not available on digital....yet) and try not to pay attention when you pay for them because they are very expensive. Enjoy.
12 Childrens DVD's,2100 CD's, 6000lp's
I have at least 3, 600 LP's, but only about 250 CD titles. I had well over 2000 CD's when I was trying to make it the reference format for my system. I have until recently, continued to sell off the CD collection, retaining only the ones I cannot replace. Still only a handful of SACD titles, I am waiting for newer releases that are unavailable on LP. Hopefully they will be pressed as dual layer (SACD/CD) , making them compatible at home and in the car, it would help me justify the cost.
I guess about 1600+ LPs (I sold a bunch back when I was in college, a move I regret today), 1200+ CDs, 9 DADs (I'm not into video, these are the 24/96 discs) and 30+ SACDs and growing. Vegasears, that is one of the saddest LP stories I've ever heard!
I'm not into the video part of it, so with that said, I've about 300 or so CD's and I have access to about 2500 LP's. I say "access to" because they are at my mother's place. She acquired them after my uncle passed away a couple of years ago and doesn't have the heart to part with them, but she doesn't mind if I borrow a couple here and there.
I amlooking for mint audiophile recordings. If you should have them available,please send me a list (MSoffice format)

834 CDs
899 LPs (50% audiophile pressings--sorry Piet they're not for sale)
139 DVDs
87 LDs
All three formats growing steadily now that my hardware is somewhat stable.
800 Cds....50% rock/alt, 50% Classical
0 LPs
0 DVD, Video

Total system outlay 50% hardware, 50% software. I will use Blockbuster or digital cable to satisfy my DVD/Video needs
for now, I know how things can expand once you get started.

My Linn LP12 and Lps were sold in 1991, I have burned my analog bridge and there is no going back now.........

BTW to purchase CDs (rock) or DVDs slightly used for 1/2
price or less try, I used them a lot for mainstream
stuff and the system works good and saves you money, large selection.
1,900 LPs, 200 CDs, 20 SACDs, 200 DVDs, 270 LDs
250 LPs, 150 CDs (and a tuner).
dvds...0 cds...150 lps...10,000 cassettes...48 eight tracks...200 laserdiscs...36 r/r...0 total value -$$$$$?
I have just under 3000 cd's, and only a couple dozen lp's, but since I don't own a turntable yet...
I have about 250 MoFi, DCC, Mastersound, Atlantic, DMP, and Sheffield Labs gold discs and a bunch of import/rare stuff. Now that the major labels have gotten into the remastering, I find myself having to "upgrade" and buy stuff I already own. They obviously planned this to milk more money out of us.
Not alo9t by the standard set in this forum but the ones I do own are truely loved by my wife and I. I am a sucker for Jazz from the 1950's and 1960's. I love those old analog tapes that were remastered to find themselves on the Verve and Blue Note labels. Cool, Very cool indeed!
close to 1000 cd's and about 250 LP's that are in storage due to the fact that I do not have a turntable
260+ DVD'S, 290+ CD'S, 60+ CASS.,35 LD'S, 150+ LP'S, + 300+ BETA'S . APPROX. $15,000. WORTH OF ACC'S , AND MY SYSTEM APPROX. $20,000. {75%} - ACC.S.