How many different ways to bi-wire?

How many different ways are there to bi-wire speakers (run the cable) and what are they called? What are the benefits of each way?
Just 2. For this, lets assume spades.(#1) The speaker end has 2 spades the amp end has one spade naturally Xs 4 for L&R Xs two speakers. Most all amps have provisions for just the one set so it is easier to hook up.(#2) Is seprate hunks with spades in equal #s on each end.It is what frenquently bends the spades,trying to attach 2 spades on one binding posts.Many bend eaisly.Some Mfgs use a different wire within the "shotgun"(# 1)for the lower speaker post. The other method(#2) is single biwire. Clear as mud?
Just to add to AG, #1)is called an internal bi-wire, uses
single cable each speaker that has 2 connectors on the amp end and 4 connectors on speaker end. This is a compromise solution to save money. #2) uses two seperate runs of speaker cable for each speaker, 4 connectors each end. This gives full seperation and maximum detail retreval, also more
expensive. Shotgun is a variation where two seperate runs of cable are joined only at the amp end to allow 2 connectors to be used.