How many dealers do you use?

When buying gear retail, do you use only one dealer with whom you develop a relationship, or more than one? 

"The more time I spend on forums like this, the more it amazes me how many audiophiles, apparently, make major moves or changes to their sound systems so frequently."

Yes, and these same folks will insist to their graves that it's "all about the music" !  


I hear what you're saying but I regard "Listen Up" fondly. When I wanted to purchase a SimAudio transport and the closest N. CA dealer refused to provide an in-home trial, I called "Listen Up" and they agreed to ship me one.

End results:

1) I bought the transport.
2) I will never buy anything from that dealer in SF 

I wish we had dealers like Listen Up in my area. 
My last few major hardware purchases were from "Paragon Audio" an internet outlet. I have not been in an Audio Salon in over 20 years.
Thank you for your thoughts. They were very helpful to me as well and even price matched a few things I could of gotten cheaper elsewhere. I will definitely keep my relationship with them in good standing. 
Happy listening 
@douglas_schroeder  +33.34....*L*  Best suggestion if one desires a 'Cliffs' Notes: Current Audio Trends' speed education.  Spread over 2~3 days, if you haven't caught up you weren't paying attention. ;)

After that, ones' budget comes into play...*G*