How many components annually?

Curious how many people go through on an annual basis. Not including loaners that are taken home for audition or wires/cables. Just those you purchased and then unloaded. Also, which component do you/did you go through the most?

Bought-2(and one pending)
This does not include numerous cable swaps or tweaks.
Made 1 set I/C, and 1 set speaker cables. Kept both.
Usually about three pairs of speakers per year, and atleast one amplifier. Speakers are easily the component I switch out the most often.
bought 4, sold six, and will buy a Magnum MD 90 tuner by the end of the year. btw, seven pairs of speakers in the past seven years ,4 amps ,3 pre amps ,4 cd players in same period.
I try to buy as few components as possible and buy as much music as I want.

During the past 2 years, I replaced/upgraded my 15-year-old integrated amplifier, my speakers of a similar vintage, and my 12-year-old CD player. I added a subwoofer and a CD recorder. I also changed most of my interconnects and my speaker cable during this period.

I occaisionally use a cassette tape deck that I bought over a dozen years ago. And I still have a 16-year-old turntable that I very rarely use (with my old amp. when I do) and my FM/AM tuner is from back then as well.
This was a big year for me as I completely redid my system. Really it took 2 years & I went through 3 sets of speakers, 3 amps, 2 pre amps, 4 CDP's, 4 sets speaker cables, 14 or 15 sets of IC's & another 13 or 14 PC's. Not including the HT stuff I sold when I decided to return to 2 channel only & not including the second system gear.

I'll probably stay put for awhile with the exception of another Ayre amp w/dual binding posts for my bi-wire set-up. That & I'm still playing around with PC's.