How many CD/LPs do you need?

At one time I had alot of CDs...maybe about 3000. I came to the conclusion that I would never listen to many of them, so I sold alot of them, but still, I was looking through my collection, and I have more than I could ever listen to in a lifetime. I was thinking, if I had 100 great CDs, I couuld listen to one per week, thoroughly, and never listen to the same thing in a 2 year span. Right now I am holding steady at 500 and now, every new addition has to be golden, where I love it and every song on it.

What about you?
A couple hundred and an fm tuner.
There are many 1-2 hit wonder CD's.Other CD's I hold onto like Classical for something different.Then there are the CD's that others give me and I give them .I treasure my collection.I got really turned off by Jewel Cases so I put them in CD Catalog cases and store the jewel cases in the cellar.
I have alot of stuff I might never listen to also,but then again I have things that maybe someone else might want to hear.
Have not had any MONKs over to listen to Monk chants though.

I have a bigger LP collection then a CD cllection and I never listen to them at the moment.I like the covenience of CD's though.I go through stages of listening. Right now I consider this my mellow time.

Music is like a drug to me.So is Audiophilia!Gets a hook in me every 10yrs or so.
I intend to build the biggest collection I can.
I've enjoyed watching it grow.
I do recycle CD's for two reasons.
One if a better remaster comes out or if I consider it a donkey with no reedeming features-this only happens occassionaly.
I am quite happy to keep a CD with even only one good track.
I tell you why I probably do this,when I was younger and at college and skint I sold off a lot of vinyl-it left a gap in my collection I could never quite replace.
I regreted it a lot and still do-it's the equivalent of selling your memories-thankfully now I've probably replaced most of it.
Ok it would take me years to work through every CD I have but if I want and I do this often, I have a look through things I haven't played for a while and give it a blast.
Anyway it's great after a major upgrade to hear lots of different stuff through your system.
And hopefully when I pass onto the next place I'll have left behind a collection for someone to enjoy.
Matchstikman, you remind me of my brother. He doesn't like clutter in his life so he keeps his cd collection to 150. Anytime he buys a new, he sells an old one.

As for myself, I have about 900 cd's and 1700 lp's. I haven't been buying a lot of new stuff lately. Now that I finally have a cd player in the car, I've been having a lot of fun going through my cd collection on the way to and from work.

As for you, you should have exactly as many as YOU feel comfortable with.
To steal a quote from Texas senator Phil Graham on the number of guns he owned. "I have more than I need but less
than I want."
Matchstikman; an interesting question, and one I've often asked myself too. It seem that some/many audiophiles are into collecting music at least partly for the sake of the collection-- just as there are stamp and coin collectors etc.

That's cool, but I'm not a music collector. I have 1200-1400 CDs, but recognize that it would take me years to listen to them all thoroughly. I tend to focus on a type of music, or maybe an artist for weeks at a time. I'm sure I could be happy with a few hundred CDs as long as I could add to my "collection" as I find new and interesting or exciting new music.

I also make a lot of CD compilations, and this has dramatically changed the way I listen to music, ie I mix and match artists/music as I see fit. So, I could get along with a lot fewer CDs if I could make the compilations I want. Interesting thread. Cheers. Craig
I trade CDR's with people also which adds diversity to my collection.If I want change I have it.

I wish I had the time to do compilations.I do have a few ,but they are mainly of artist that have like 9 CD's and I only like a few tracks from each.

I compiled a Classical collection becasue I got tired of always listening to rock.Then theres soft listening music also that I play as not to impose my style of music on people.Like the Carpenters,Simon & Garfunkel,Chicago,Music of the 70's and Gordon Lightfoot.Stuff I generally never listen to.

ENya and Yanni are good when you just want to relax so is alot of Classical.Not exactly Elevator music,but close to.

ALways good to diversify!
it seems i never have the exact cd im looking for, so too much is never enough

As many good ones as I can afford and store. A musical software collection is just like a book collection in that it is a library of sorts.

I don't collect much new music, but concentrate on older stuff that is starting to get scarce (tons of music never made it to CD format).

Today I picked up:

"Everybody Loves H.B. Barnum" (RCA Mono, 1962)

"E. Power Biggs Plays Scott Joplin" (on pedal harpsichord)
Kinsekd, you have me pegged right. I am one of the guys that lives on minimalistic attributes. In fact, people often come over to my house and wonder if I am going poor because I almost have nothing around. It is very funny.

Dekay, I have the same view of books. Unless it is one of those books that deserves another read, I read it and pass it on to someone at work. That's me.

I have a similar view of clothing (don't like to own more than two weeks worth).

Guess we all have something that we feel this way about.
I do view my collection like a library-Garfish is right to point out this can indeed be a motivation in itself-I would be deluding myself if I didn't recognise this failing but many a happy mistake has been made or a grateful nod to a record I had ignored but wanted to listen to due to reading something or a recommendation by someone.........more I need more.........

I have close to 2,000 CDs and about 800-900 LPs. I catalog all my music into various periods, and artists etc. To me, you can never have enough of good music.

Ben, I agree with you. Sometimes when you get rid of something, you may end up regretting it because it takes a lot more time to replace it.

After all, our musical tastes sometimes changes over time. I used to dislike the works of Mahler and Shostokovich in Classical, but later on, I discovered elements that I like about the music. Age changes our perceptions- things we did not like when we were young- perhaps because we have little patience during that time- becomes more highly valued and appreciated down the road. Therefore by keeping a recording, and playing it later may help one to appreciate it (not all the time) over time. Music just grows on you. To me, there are good and bad recordings- either way- I never sell any of them. Why? Because being a music lover as opposed to merely being an equipment lover, collecting music is a fun way to pass the time. It is part of history and one can learn so much just from being able to differentiate the different types of music, in addition, to appreciating it. Even though if I only play a recording once in my lifetime, I still have a sense that it is there, and since it is a part of my collection, there is a feeling of pride of ownership and satisfaction. It is better to collect music than junk.

Happy Listening!

I have maybe 2k cds at the moment and have culled perhaps another 1k. Lps about 1200 and have culled(sadly) another 600. The quest goes on for more as well as the culling. Funny how the lp titles I have passed on I miss far more than the cd titles I've let go(must be the memories of my youth). Anyhow, collecting is an obsession with me so the answer is the need goes on.If For some reason I was forced to stop I would have a serious "jones". Cheers, Lee
You know the difference between an audiophile and a music lover? A music lover's record (CD) collection is worth more than his stereo system. (I'm afraid I'm still an audiophile, but I'm working on fixing that).
Just a couple more--this week!