How many cd/dvd/sacd/cdr's players do you own?

I am now up to 7 players, and will most likely have 10 before I am through. They range from a Meridien 508 to a suprisingly good sounding 3 disc shelf system by Phillips purchased for $55.00 at the local retail store. Also have 4 dvd's purchased on the cheap for $150 each. Have yet to buy SACD and want to know if worth the expense?
Total 11. From Wadia 860 to a cheapo $50 portable.
I have 4 and 1 DVD..CAL Genisis,Sony ES CD Changer,JBL system,like an oversized table alarm clock and a portable Sony CD,cassette,AM/FM for the road,and I forgot a CD changer in the car too,a PIONEER with AM/FM cassette.
I now have a total of 5 digital players; including 2 ML 37 transports that I intend to periodically alternate in my big rig. A Sony ES carosel player in a 2nd system, a Marantz CD-Recorder/player, and a decent portable. Also 2 portable cassette players, and a cassette player in each vehicle. I guess I need some more;>) Cheers. Craig
20 in all counting portable, auto, and home.
I have 8 - Rega Planet, NAD 502, Sony ES DVP 9000 SACD / DVD, Pioneer CLD-D504 Laser Disc / CD Player, Sony portable, GE portable, 6 disc CD changer in my Acura TL S Type, and HK single disc in my BMW 330i
I've got three - an old Adcom 5 disc changer as a back-up, Sony DVP-S7000 for dvd's and a modded Sony SCD-C333ES for redbook and SACD. If we count the family as a whole we've got a total of 10.
c.e.c tl-o
krell dvd
marantz cd-7
2x technics a-10
why so much???

1) sony 7000 dvd (bedroom)
2) sony 9oooes dvd/sacd (family room)
3)sony cdp-397 (son's room)
4) marantz sa-14 (main rig)
EAD theatervsionP
Sony DVP9000es
2 Sony 360 (so far running great after 1yr.)
Can't wait to get my hands on the next great magic box.
whats wrong with you people? why so many. lets see pioneer dv09, sony 9000es, sony 7000, esoteric p-2, d-2, p-10, d-10. wadia 12 dac, a.r.t dac, moded 6 disc radio trash. alesis masterlink 24/96 recorder. and a jbl harmony. and sony ps2, and a portable. oh no i am just as sick as you people. what can i sell?
-Audio Aero Capitole MkII
-Sony DVP-s9000es
-NAD single disc(at one garage)
-Magnavox 5 disc changer(at another garage)
-Panasonic 6 disc changer in car
a few other portables and such(I don't ever use those so numbers don't matter )
~Another Tim
Well, Let's see. I'm an anolog guy, so let's count 'em up. A CD-R deck into a DAC. A DAT deck. A Digital Compact Cassette deck. A DVD player. A CD burner for my Mac. Two other CD players in two other systems in the house. Yup, I'm an anolog guy from way back. :-) At least I own more LPs than CDs - and I'm over 500 CDs to this point!!
Visions of zeros & ones filling my head....
Okay, what's the deal on the Sony DVP-9000S? Almost everyone on this thread has one. Is it because of superior DVD-Video quality? Lucy, you've got some splainin to do.
You guys are out of hand. Lets see I have a Cary CD 303/200, a Revox B-226, a Sony Portable, an Alpine in the Car, a Playstation with CD, a Playstation 2 with a DVD, an old Nakamichi, and a computer with a cd player. That makes 8. Good thing I need all of them, oh yeah I would rather have amplifiers than CD players....don't get me started there.
Bufus-I noticed the same thing, I didn't realize ALL of us had one of those bloody things!!! I bought mine because of 3:2 pull down-good DVD playback, ok redbook playback(really good as a transport), SACD to play around with(never got really serious about it) and you can have it upgraded a lot! though I am sure not many actually do get upgraded; its nice to know you could if you wanted to!

Anyone else want to explain why you bought the dvp-s9000es??

Do computers count? If so then

7 computer CD players
2 car CD players
2 audiophile CD players (soon to be 3 next week)
2 DVD players

which makes 13 (soon to be 14). We have 2 turntables. Hmmmm, so me thinks there is a pattern here...