How many capacitors should I use and why?

Hello guys..planning to upgrade the crossovers in my Magnepans.I am about to order the capacitors and inductors.What I need to know ..are there any benefits from using mutliple capacitors to achieve the correct value.Or would it be as good to use one high quality capacitor of the correct value. Please explain the benefits/negatives of each . Also what are the benefits/negatives of using a small bypass capacitor with one capacitor of the correct value?
Thanks guys for any and all comments.
There's no advantage to using multiple capacitors, unlike in a power supply where it could lead to faster discharge times. Bypass capacitors are not used in crossovers; their purpose is to reduce noise that is typically of a much different frequency than that affected by the main capacitor, once again such as in a power supply filter application. Capacitors serve many different purposes in electronics and you are confusing standard practices among different applications.
It is possible when wiring caps in parralel ,to create a "tank" or oscillating circuit.It is usually best to use a large cap paralleled with smaller values to achive the desired value.You will also need to be cautious when by-passing.Some say that a REL 750 pf is enough.Anything above a .01mf is overkill and will alter your high frequencies.Generally speaking,the higher grade caps don' exceed 4 mf.By-passing should be done,keeping in mind the rule of X10.If you are approaching 1/10 the value desired-it may be too much.I am sure that I have oversimplified the situation,but others will surely clarify.
The reason to use a small value bypass capacitor across a large value one, is that while in theory for "ideal" capacitors you add them together when connect in parallel, real capacitors work differently with different frequency. Like big value capacitors a good at storing energy, but not good at filtering high frequency noise. So for ideal world you don't practically change total value by adding 10pf to 1micro-f - but each capacitors performs its own function: 1 micro-f will work as a low pass or high pass filter (depending on the L or R connected to it) and 10pf will bypass High F noise.