How many cables do I need for my turntable system?

Hi I recently got my first audio system and since a few of the components haven't arrived yet, I want to go ahead and get cables. So far, my system cost $930 and I'd really like to keep the cable cost under 70 dollars.
Since I know nothing about cables, how many do I need?
and any recs?
My system:
Denon DP 300F turntable
Denon DL-110 cartridge
NAD C315BEE integrated amp
Wharfedale speakers

wait until you get your system and then get your cables. And with a 70.00 budget, you are going to be seriously limited in what you can purchase. If your only source is the TT, you'll need a 1 m pair of RCA, and then the appropriate length for your speaker cables. Again, wait til you have the equipment and set it up and then put the right cables length in place. Go to BlueJeans Cable or somewhere like that for a basic cable. Or down to BestBuy or Fry's. Good luck!
Sounds like all you'll need is speaker cables as your table has RCA cables attached. There are a number of budget cables that Audiogoners typically recommend including BlueJeans, JW Audio & Anticables. Depending on the length you'll need you should be able to get what you need for $80 or less.
If you buy Kimber 4tc unterminated bulk for your speakers you'll be within your budget. You can also research bulk VanDenHul wire. They go $7/foot. $70 will get you where you need to be with cables. Speaker cable is the only thing you realy need
That's what I do for my system that is closer to $7000.
I don't think the Nad has a phono stage. You will need one.
The Denon has a built in phono preamp so you shouldn't need any other equipment immediately. However, if you expand your system to include other sources such as a shiny disc player you'll need RCA interconnects as well.