How many amps?

How many (and which) amps would you need to feel confident you could make any speaker sing?
Ignore upstream synergies for a moment and just focus on the different demands various types of speaker might require from an amp in order to shine. Like if the speaker fairy were to unexpectedly leave an unknown pair of speakers at your front door, you’d be prepared.  I think you would want at least 3:

1. Large SS - I think this one is obvious, sometimes there is no substitute for power.
2. Moderate sized tube - for a little finesse
3. Class A, SET or SS - for the sensitive types

What categories are missing? What specific makes and models would you choose? 

Here are three I have on hand in my collection: Perreaux 2150B, modded Dynaco ST70 and First Watt F7 (Tim Rawson clone). All three bases covered!
Money no limit....

i would have best of both,
sanders magtech monos’
and the Carver Corp.  silver seven 900 monos’

 all the amp you will ever need to drive any speaker ever made.