How loud do you play music?

I bought the above Sound level meter which give out peak reading.

It tuned out that peak db is around 85 db at my listening chair.

From time to time I got over 90db but I found the sound to be too loud.

But last night I recorded 105db while playing .

There is some behind story for this.

About one week ago after swapping some IC cables, I started hearing ground hum.

At first I guessed that there must be some problem with IC cables but not.

Thus I pulled back two big 2KW isolation transformers that I had kept for 20 years.

I had not used them for last 7 years since they are heavy and taking lot of space.

With those two isolation transformers in Line Magnetic SET amplifier and power supply of Lansche 4.1 speakers, 80% of ground hum disappeared.

I bought one more 450W isolation transformer from Amazon and set it up with my EMMlab DAC2 and now almost 90% of ground hum are gone.

The amazing thing is that some digital sheen is also gone after setting up three isolation transformers.

I bought 2 packs of 20 magnetic cores.

I put them on digital, IC and speaker cables.

Now I can play music above 100db without ear aching hardness.

The only drawback of magnetic cores is that it may sound less open or slightly less dynamic.

But I am comfortable with the round and musical sound after putting three isolation transformers and 30 magnetic cores.

2 packs of 20 magnetic cores cost me 24 $ including tax.

This is the best value tweak that I had done on my system.

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Pretty sad indeed but I think more a reflection of the stupid times we now live in rather than excessively loud music per se.
When I'm alone in the house, about 98-100 db. I love loud music! 
No idea how accurate the app is on my phone but I use it all the time to get a rough idea of what the SPL is.  Typically between 70-80 dB with peaks at 85 gives me everything I need and I'm not doing much harm to my hearing either.

I have always been more interested in getting good sound at lower SPL say 60-70 dB which would allow you to have a conversation but also enjoy all of the detail in your source material at the same time.