How loud do you like to play your music?

Instead of guessing from random comments. I thought a census of listening levels from members would be useful. feel free to mention a range.
My lowest listenable level is 80 db my favorite is 90 to 95 the loudest is 100 or just give your single preferred volume. The numbers above are my actual preferences.
If you do not have or used an SPL meter, just say Hi, Medium or low but try give us a reference point of some kind if possible.
Extraneous info is welcome. For example in my book shelf system it's... but in my main rig it's... Thanks
I like it on the louder side -- ~90db, no matter what I'm playing. More of that 'live' experience. Wondering if I had higher sensitivity speakers if volume could drop and still get the same effect.
65 to 75 is pleasant over the long run if you are just listening. I agree with Shadorne on modern recordings and their use of compression.

Good uncompressed tracks that I use are Paul Kelly "May 1992" at 75 dbs and Midnight Oil's "Earth and Sun and Moon" and 90 dbs when I am tuning down my recording studio here in So Cal. Always sound incredible. Also love Willie Nelson's Teatro at 65 dbs. Love the drums on Joni Mitchell's Dreamland.
I recently got an I-phone myself and I think the app Albert's speaking of is called Decibel. I intend to add this to my phone as soon as I figure out how. My Radio Shack meter stopped working. I usually try to keep it at 85 or lower of I can help it by the way. Levels above 85 for prolonged periods are what studies seem to indicate are dangerous. How long is prolonged? I don't know.
Most of my music is acoustical jazz small combo ie quintets and sextets which usally includes a piano. My range is 65 to 80db with 85db plenty loud. I still want to hear fine music 20 years from now.