How loud are Cary CAD 300 SEI amps?

I am considering one of these integrated amps. At 15 watts per channel, are they loud enough to fill a living room with decent sound?
It really depends on the efficiency of your speakers, but with speakers of benign impedance above 90-92 db sensitivity you should have no problem filling a small to medium sized room with great sound. Do you have speakers in mind?
Jond is right and I would think 92db would be necessary if it is your only amplifer. It would work with tube friendly impdances and 88-89db, but you would run into the opccasional need for more power for certain types of music.
I am finding that the 4 ohm tap has made quite an improvement in dynamic and bass control on my Heron i.
I have quite a large room and sit about 15 feet away from the speakers. I have yet to turn the volume control past 11 o clock.There is as much if not more bass slam and control with this amp on these speakers as I can remember with solid state amps in the 300 watt range.Wattage isn't everything in determining how this amp pairs up.Too many people shy away from this unit or think it has too many limitations.I recently auditioned another more costly SET using the 845 tube and it did not do what this amp is doing.Maybe I just got lucky with this pairing of Meadowlark and Cary.
Nah... Cary's are well known for pairing well even with relatively inefficient speakers like B&W. I have heard the 300SEI drive them quite effectively. SO imagine with a crossover-less design like the Meadowlarks?
What speakers are you thinking of pairing them with?

I have a pair of CAD-805AE's (50W SET). I just upgraded to the CAD-211AE's, and the difference is substantial.