How long to burn in Rotel rcd 1072?

I just bought the 1072 and out of the box it sounds horrible. How long should I allow for it to burn in before it becomes listenable. I did the usual tweaks of cleaning the CD and using a mat but it still sounded like first generation CD on its maiden voyage. Anyone with any ideas as to burn in time?
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Select a disc that offers both a high average listening level AND a wide frequency response to it i.e. lots of deep bass, lots of extended treble and a loud recording. Let this play in the machine on repeat 24/7 for as long as you can. Obviously, i'm talking about doing this outside of normal use. While the machine will continue to break in further down the road, if you don't like the machine after several days of continuous play, you probably never will.

As a side note, i've found that most units respond to this type of "break in" exercise phenomenally well. What works even better is to use a disc like the Ayre Acoustics for one week and then select a disc of music like that mentioned above for the second week. After using this approach on several different players, the difference in sonics after 2 weeks of continuous play was pretty drastic. This approach can even be used on older players with some benefit, depending on how much actual playing time they have on them.

I don't know how much time you have to test this unit before you can't return it, but the more time that it spends playing discs and not sitting idle, the better it will sound. Sean

PS... current Rotel gear tends to sound somewhat lean and bright to my ears i.e. similar to solid state Musical Fidelity gear but not as smooth or refined.
If you bought from a dealer, you may want to take it back and question them. I just recently picked up the same player and am so happy I can't believe it. I was sceptical of a Rotel player, and heard nothing but good about this one. The night I plugged it in, I knew it was staying for sure. It's weird that we had such different opinions.
I experimented a bit last night and found that the dealer had plugged the Rotel into an extension cord. I read the directions and it advised against doing this. I plugged the Rotel directly into the wall and it was much better. I still think it is a bit edgy but will listen again this morning after leaving it on all night.
I found this player to be simply incredible especially for the price. Musically compelling and dead quiet. It did take about 50 hours of playing to make it really start to sing.
It definitely is getting better all the time. have you tried different power cords?
I have had luck with a variety of cords including JPS Silver, Z-squared Au/Au, and Synergistic AC Master Coupler. I added dampening pad layer to top panel, brass hats on top of player and big brass cones below. Extremely nice player now with about 100 hours on it.
I will try to replicate your success. Just with the stock power cord and no other tweaks the Rotel has burned in nicely. I haven't many of the other of the top players but this one can play a tune!
I must say after allowing the Rotel to burn in for a month that it sounds tremendous! Amazing sound for the price!
I will do a power cord in couple weeks and post any percieved changes.I highly recommend getting it on roller bearing isolation/coupling.The benefits are in many areas of performance.Better soundstage size,better low end with good articulate bass.I put a link to Asylum archived discussions on isolation/coupling

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