How long to burn in Graham Slee Amp 2

I decided to try a SS phono stage the Graham Slee Amp 2 SE. I have a standard VPI Scout with Dynevector 20X H.O. cartridge. I used an ultra modded ARC SP6B it was truly a noisy pre (I uaed the best tubes around) in addition it lives up to reputation of being a pre with gain gone wild I could not control.
I hoped the AMP 2 would have a very low noise floor.Indeed It is very quiet.It doesn't have a big tone sound I like either.
I am not a big vinyl spinner but usually start my listening sessions with at least one record. light use maybe 6-7 hour/week. I have had it for 6 months a least. It is left on continuously.
However I get persistent glare and a grating, smeared treble.It sounds just like a typical cable or component that hasn't broken in yet. Could that be the case here, how long should it take to burn in? Is there another problem entirely?
Thanks for your thoughts.
I owned a Gram Slee Era Gold mkV (& Elevator stepup). In a phone conversation w/ Gram, he indicated(if I remember correctly) that 72 hours of power was the minimum time and 2 weeks should have his components at their best. Of course, he suggested leaving his products powered up 24/7 for ever because they use little power and emit almost no heat at all.

What you've got going on sounds like some other problem.

What cartridge and preamp/integrated are you using?
The cartridge is in my original post. I run the Graham Slee into an AE-3 pre that is incredibly good then Cyber 800 monos to JM lab 936 Electras .
Sorry about missing that detail. I doubt seriously that it is a break-in issue at this point if you are over a week with the Amp 2 powered up.

I really think this may be a loading issue. Here is a thread on AudioAsylum where someone states "Most MM stages are 47K and the recommended load for this cartridge is 1K. There is even an excellent thread about how someone found the loading made a tremendous difference with this HOMC, from bright and lean at 47K to excellent at 1K."

Read all the responses and the thread referenced within it on VinylEngine because the issue seems to be truly phono preamp dependent. Some it works great far below 47k, others not. Which is why Dynavector specs that cart loading at ">1K ohms".