How long should it take to break in Kharma Cables

I recently purchased the Kharma Grand reference speaker cables (2 meters). The system now sounds a good deal more bright and tinny sounding. I have already played music throught them for 30 hours.
The cables take quite some time to break in. What is the rest of your system? What ic's are you running?
Lamm ML2,
Kharma Reference 3.2,
Conrad Johnson Premier 15
Lamm LP2
Basis 2001 with Grahm 2.2 and Ruby 2
Rega Jupiter
Dedicated Lines, P300 Power conditioner on source equipment
Interconnects: Synergistic Looking Glass
Correction...Conrad Johnson Premier 16
As learned here lately on the burn-in posts, 200 hours or more especially if they are silver cables. Both my Pure Note and Siltech cables sounded thin until 200-300 hours. I know people don't like to wait but that is the "nature of the beast."
A century or two...