How long should it take a platter to get up to speed?

I have an upgraded Acoustic Signiture Final Tool with 2 motors. It takes more time to speed up now. I've had it 3 years. It takes about 15-20 seconds. Is this a normal speed or is my belts slipping ? I washed them with Ivory dishwashing soap and put some pure talcum powder on them but it did not make a difference . I have tried different positions farther and closer. Maybe I should get new belts? Or is everything normal. Thanks. Mike

Dear Mike,

Might be worth lifting the platter and checking the lubrication. Some turntable bearings have been known to seize when too much is present. On the flipside the oil supply can dry up completely?

Please remind me : are the AS turntables the ones that have a bearing lining/sleeve "moulded" to precisely fit the bearing??

I remember reading one initial review of such an arrangement showed a tendency to seizure i.e. indicating that the bearing was slightly too snug or that even temperature may have had an effect, but I could be wrong?

Yes it is the self lubricating bearing that suppose to last 10 years. I have accidentally left my turntable on maybe 50 hours total. Bearing is 3 years old. Mike
Could dust have workied it's way down the shaft? I heat with wood. Just a thought?
Don't apply too much talc and use 90% alcohol. If it is still a slow starter try taking the belt off and give the platter a spin. It should take well over a minute to stop. If so, replace you belts.

Btw, on my non suspended table I don't use talc on my suspended I do. 
90 % alcohol to clean the belt, not soap, that is.

About 8 seconds.
Bingo. That was it. I used cotton pads and 99 alcohol. Gets up to speed in about 8 seconds. Thanks for your help. I remember when it was new it was about 8 seconds. Mike 
Glad to help!

Long enough to brush the record and clean the stylus!