How long should a clearaudio maestro v2 last?

I listen 10-15 hours per week. Since there's no user replaceable stylus I'm concerned about having to replace the whole cartridge every year or so. Anyone know how many hours the stylus lasts on one of these? Thanks!
Pretty sophisticated stylus profile on that cartridge, apparently the same as on the Goldfinger. 

I would think that, properly set up and playing clean vinyl, you should be able to get 1500-2000 hours out of that stylus. 
Look at the Soundsmith line for cost effective stylus replacement.
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Keeping the stylus clean and applying Stylast before playing a side may extend lifespan. I do this! 
I’m in the same situation. I’m figuring two years and trading it in. Clearaudio allows a generous trade in value to keep you in the family.