How long have you had the SAME GEAR?

Just curious....
Not counting Cart.'s and A/D's, how long have you had your same gear?
How often do you change it?
Is there anyone out there with the same system for five years that is happy with it?

How many of you go into high end shops and audition systems that cost 4 or 5 times the retail of your own and think it stinks?
I have had the same Krell/B&W (KSA-300S,KRC-HR,KPS20-i,B&W 801 III w/North Creek xovers,PAD Proteus cables) since 1997. I have tried going more current with Krell amps, but found I like the synergy of this system. I have added PS Audio power plants, but they only let the system work, as it should. I used to buy/sell a lot even before the web on AudioMart, both tube and solid-state system’s and more than one system in the house for sure. I am pretty much done moving around with the gear because of the percentages of disappointment out weigh the amount of gain. What system did you enjoy most of your music on and listen to the most? Keep on listening!
Gumby; look at recent thread of 3/16 titled "How long do you keep a component"-- it's under Misc. Audio. Craig
I have had basically The same system for much longer than 5 years. I am still using a pair of Dahlquist DQM-9s that I have had since 1986, although they are having new surrounds installed right now so I am using a pair of 13 year old DQ-20s for now. I have a hafler 220 thats even older driving them. I still use a DBX DX-5 for cd's witch is 15 years old, give or take. My newest piece in this system is a hafler Iris pre amp, maybe its 8 or 9 years old. Most of my time and money all goes into the home theater now, that would be a much different story. But I still like that old audio system after all these years.
Let's see when did I change my underwear? Only kiding in the last 11 years I have had 8 pairs of speakers, 10 amps, 8 pre-amps, 4 turntables, 20 catridges and about three sets of interconnects and speakerwires. Now I am married and all that is at a end! By the way I have no money in the bank,(that also will change). Crazy hobby or what; kind of like drugs! I blame it all on Harry Pearson who else! If only I could pick out all the best parts of each one of these components and make SUPER components! How fondly I remember something nice about each one if only.........
Until the last few months I had the same Naim 42.5/Hicap/110 combo driving Linn Sara's all purchased in 1987. I have a Linn LP 12/Ittok purchased prior to these pieces. After upgrading all the electronics I discovered the Valhalla board was bad in the tt. I upgraded with a new cartridge and the Circus kit. Couldn't be happier except I can't bring myself to list the Naim gear for sale here on Audiogon. My system isn't as whizbang as most I read about here but it is very musical. I have spent 35 years collecting vinyl and have to laugh at the minimal strides hi fidelity has taken in this time. The new stuff is all Linn...Wakonda, Genki, LK 240's. I'm most happy with the increase in power and the convenience of a remote. Hope I keep this stuff as long as the previous pieces. I predict however, that I will try and tweak this system to death due to all the great advice I find here at Audiogon. Very nice bunch of people. If anyone wants to throw a party count me in!
My BEST to all,
Lugnut, I love this phrase from your post: " My system isn't as whizbang as most I read about here but it is very musical. I have spent 35 years collecting vinyl and have to laugh at the minimal strides hi fidelity has taken in this time."

Anyone who cares enough about music to realize what you've stated is way ahead of the game. Much of that vinyl is irreplaceable by now and yet the new gear keeps reinventing itself over and over.

Not to say that great progress has not been made, I just happen to agree that 35 years of vinyl is more valuable than 35 years of swapping gear in frustration.
Albert, I'm so glad you got the intention of my statement. I do love music and would have a more whizbang system if I could afford it AND all my other hobbies. Maybe I should part with the Naim gear and go on a tweak crusade. Once again, this is one fine community!
Indeed, Patrick & Albert: gear may change -- but the music remains.
Patrick, may I graciously offer to help you clean out some of that vinyl :^)
This reminds me of another recent thread where the devil asked us to choose b/ween a giga system system & a mega collection of LPs. Most posters chose the LPs of course.
I have a jbl paragon that i bought new about 30 years ago. I've seen a lot of speakers come & go since then, it has held its value, still sounds musical rather than accurate, and has a high WAF. Unfortunately it requires expensive tube gear to sound its best.
Glad to hear people talk about the software.
I find people with 20-30k in gear and 12 CD's to play on it and have a hard time believing my eyes.
Though there is no strict formula, I think that your software investment should at least be equal to your hardware.
(But that is just me.) :)
Great site! Cheers and happy listening.
I just upgraded a 15 year old system. This is my main system and I'll keep the new one for a long time too. I have a second system in my office that I'm allowing myself to futz with and experiment with high-quality, inexpensive components. My grandfather still has his 1970s McIntosh gear.
I have the same Denon receiver I bought in 1990. I kept the same system Denon 1025/Sonographe cd/vandersteen 2c for ten years until going on a major upgrade binge.

Right now, The ARC vt100m2, quattro-fil ic's and Audio Physic Avanti's are probably the most stable components in my system. I've had the ARC for about 1.5 years and the avanti's for about a year. I'm thinking of selling the sony scd-1 sacd player (I listen to mostly vinyl), and upgrading the phono stage and/or turntable (I have a rega 25).

I too have found that once my system reached a certain place 'where I wanted it to be', I have not really been searching around for anything better. I like the combination of warmth and detail I get from my ph3/vk-5i/vt100 combination. I've had my system with more bass (vandersteen 5's), higher detail level (pass labs pre/amp), and even more warmth (sonic frontiers sfm-160's). In the last two years, I've owned 9 different amplifiers, 5 preamps, 7 sets of speakers, and three cd players. I cannot accurately count the number of cables.

I am now more into finding great vinyl. In a lot of ways I prefer vinyl to SACD. There is something very relaxing about it when played on an all-tube system. I completely agree about the minimalist advances in audio systems. I KNOW that I've gotten more enjoyment from my turntable than my SACD player. It's fun 'discovering' old artists on vinyl. I consider a turntable to be the most essential of playback systems.
About three nights, I find variety the spice of life.

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I upgrade slowly and almost always buy used
then my old pieces make it to the bedroom and office systems
I can't bear to give away anything
and what's funny is a sytem that was my main sytem 5 years ago is now my bedroom hand me downs

speakers 2 years VOn Schweikert VOrtex Screens
may upgrade to a friend's 4 MK II's soon
bedroom set 4 years old B&W Matrix 2's
gave old DCM time windows to brother, B&W 302's in office

preamp - 3 months ARC LS5, before that 2 years Arc LS2
(I plan on keeping this baby a long long time)
10 year old integrated NAD 3400 runs bedroom system
3 year old nad 7100 receiver in the office setup

amp - ARC d300 solid state - no plans to upgrade
had 1 year

tape deck Nakamichi Lx 5 bought in 1984
still works like a charm, only do tapes in car
don't want to scratch cds
Nak bx2 in bedroom setup, sometimes used to dub tapes

cd transport - teac (wadia base) is a new purchase here
evs millenium ii dac - will not part with it!
Cal audio labs - Icon - 3 years old and moving to bedroom
old Nakamichi oms5 (13 years)in office
old Cal aria 5 years (tube analog) may sell or shift to bedroom

bang and olufsen turntable 1984 - hardly ever use
in bedroom system

cables - upgrade the main system
the older stuff goes to the bedroom setup

I won't spare you vcr and dvd player swapping
my girlfriend gets the old stuff
My Tabs just celebrated 10 years of flawless service.

Life is good!