How Long Has It Been Since You Listened To Live Music?

Another thread got me thinking about people commenting on how a system or piece of gear sounds & they have NEVER sat & listened to live music.Me,I was just down at Jazz Alley in Seattle Saturday night..So how long has it been since you sat & listened to live music?
About 4 weeks ago saw John Mayer and Dead Remains. Fantastic show!
 I the last 2 months I've seen the Wood Brothers and Robert Earl Keen. Both excellent shows.
Every Sunday morning.
I catch the Colorado Symphony live a couple times per month and some other live concert around Denver another 1-2 times per month.   It is nutrition.
3 weeks ago, Philadelphia Orchestra performing Stravinsky's Complete Firebird.
I wonder how people can compare sound of their systems to live shows when sound of life shows is often poor.  In many venues it is hard to get good seats because they are very expensive, sold out,  or reserved for season tickets.  Sound settings for infrequent performers are often hit-or-miss.  John Mayall played in my town's small concert hall (cap. 500).  His piano was too soft and the bass was too loud.  Mayall had, to talk from the stage to sound people (middle of the concert). In addition some places not designed for audio/concerts have horrible acoustics.  A lot of bands play mostly at the stadiums.  Rolling Stones at Soldier Field in Chicago sounded pretty bad. 
Few weeks ago
A few weeks ago I saw Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox. Never heard of them before. Friend gave me free tickets so I went. Fun at first. Wonderful singers. But the campiness / burlesqueness wore thin after not too long so booked early.