How long for tube break in

After installing a new set of EL34 driver tubes, I'm wondering, how many hours until I can expect them to sound broken in? I've just gone back to tubes from a SS amp, and I'm missing the dynamics I thought I'd regain. They seem to be coming back, but then I just wonder if I'm getting used to the change. I'm using an AR LS25 MKll pre amp and a pair of Quicksilver M-80's into some Vandersteen 2C speakers. I've got about 60 hours on the new EL34 tubes now, (Sovteks). Does anyone know how the Quicksilvers match up against the AR power amps, for tube bloom? I was using the Monarchy 100 mono blocks before.

About 20 minutes. If they don't sound right after 20 minutes, there's something wrong with one or more of the tubes.
I've been told it's more like 100 hours...

Have you biased the new tubes? Under-biasing can make them sound weak and non-dynamic.
Vandys and tubes are only for classics.
For other types of music either SS or biamp.
Perfectly agree with the above. Tubes don't break in - they even "wear out" when working - so to speak. So after warming up, which is 30 minutes max they should perform to their fullest potency. Biasing is VITAL!
Good luck!
Don't forget about the rest of the components(spk. wires/IC's, etc.) re-settling in after the change.
Yes I did bias the tubes. Interestingly, on the chasis it states 80 ma. When I talked to Mike at Quicksilver he'd said to bias them at 60 ma. It also said 60 on his web site. Maybe I'll give him a call and see what's up with that?

Could the problem be the sovteks? If you will notice, many manufacturers put sovteks in to keep costs down. However, have you ever seen people "rolling" with them? Yuk! Sorry to say but I think you are doing a great injustice to some nice amps by using those tubes. Yes, I know it's my opinion but I've owned a lot of tubes and never like sovteks. They don't have the detail, warmth, dynamics or build quality of many others out there. That's why they are cheaper than most.
I agree with Elevick. Upgrade the tubes to Svetlana and you will see a vast improvement.
How do you Bias new tubes ?

I'm a firm supporter of the Svetlana's - they are a great tube and I have a life time supply ;-), however, since David complains of a lack of dynamics I would suggest that he consider Tesla (NOS) or JJ (New Production) E34L's (which will be biased hotter) or EL34's. They have a much crisper sonic signature than the Svetlana's. But the Svetlana's will be much warmer, my personal preference.
Foxtrot, Mechanically speaking, it all depends on how your amp is set up. Review your instruction manual.
Newbee, thanks for your replies, but the instruction manual of my Consonance M99 Plus is in Chinese....bought it over there.
Maybe I can ask the manufacturer to send me a copy in English.