How long for payment?

Hi guys, how long would you expect to wait for payment before leaving negative feedback for a member?
I have one going on 3 days... no response to messages. Hoping there is a reason but...

i think we have all had issues like that where a person says that they are interested in buying something and then they disappear.         
 I think if you have reached out to this person a few times and no response, then let it go.......but dont think you can leave negative feedback as a transaction didnt take place.
it was a "offer to purchase"
I accepted the bid.
Now I will have to pay another 35 bucks to re list so.
Audiogon has relisted for free for me when there is a deadbeat buyer.


Audiogon will ask for the info of the transaction.
It is nearly impossible to leave negative feedback on any one anymore on really any forum these days. Socially incorrect you know?
There should be some way of posting that the transaction didn’t go through though to warn others. At least in my opinion.

+1 Ozzy There should be a way to warn other sellers if someone is a deadbeat buyer. Why have ratings if you can only leave positive feedback?
Strange they would have used Audiogon's formal way of buying something and not followed thru.  I'd contact Audiogon's help to see what their policy is.

One thing I'll not do is deal with those buyers who want to contact you via phone or home email, trying to bypass Audiogon's purchase process.  I once had a guy go back and forth on the price for an item I was selling, we agreed on a price and when he arrived at my house to consummate the sale he said he thought about it on the 90 minute drive, and wanted to offer $600 less.  I suspect that this guy did that sort of thing more than once, as I couldn't find any negative feedback on him, on Audiogon.
audiogon relisted for me, and they sold already!
and... looks like this buyer is checking on payment information so.. good signs.