How long does Tekton shipping take?

I ordered a pair of Tekton Ulfberht speakers in early August, they said shipping would be 10-14 days, and last i heard from them was in late August, they said they would contact me, and that there were 3 orders ahead of mine. I get that they are busy, but 5 months? Has anyone had to wait that long to get their speakers?
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I have had direct dealings with Tekton, Eric, and a woman at his company as I was buying a pair in June 2018. I have nothing but great things to say about his company and speakers.  Eric sent me no less than 4 emails over a 2 day period helping me decide which speakers would be best suited for my needs, even though he indicated he was being inundated with calls.  Once ordered, I received the speakers in a very timely manner (I think about 4 days - mine were in stock).  I have the Impact Monitors, BTW.

There are 3 general things in business - quality of product, quality of service, and a good price - it is very difficult to provide all 3 and be financially successful - generally you can be successful in business by providing 2 of the 3;  Tekton provides all 3 - at least from my experience and from reading past threads from many satisfied customers.  

As to the OP - I'm pretty sure I paid with a credit card and I think you should have too with such a large purchase, even if you have trust in the company.  It seems there might be  more to this story and maybe Eric isn't providing more detail as to not denigrate his character.  
Taking everyone's opinion, one way or another, into account, there is still one nagging question.

Why after 5 months, the cashing of the check and no delivery of the speakers, the OP has not received the speakers or a refund or any communication?

I wonder what the "real" story is. OP not contacting the manufacturer for 6 months????? Manufacturer not contacting customer until this post ????

I'm pretty sure that there's a lot more to this than we are reading here.