How long does it take to break in the Hexfred?

I replaced the IXSY 17 Amp hexfred with 26 Amp on my power supply circuit (probably orverkill) and replaced one shorted oil cap on my AES SE-1 amp. It's been nearly 100 hours, but I still feel that it sounds different. Hard to describe, but I think it sounds a bit brighter than it was.

Is it because of the fred and the oil cap are not broken in or is it just a matter of different Fred I use? The oil cap is the same as the one I replaced. If it's b/c of not enough burn in time, how long it typically breaks in, 200 hrs?


can't answer your question but it seems by now that the effected change is probably permanent. Hope that you saved the old diode for reinstallation.
It's very possible that 100 hours is not enough for your new Capacitor. Cap changes are extremely audible in both amps and speakers, especially when compared to the old part that may have thousands of hours on it.

On the other hand, after swapping Hexfreds in an Atmasphere amp, I had no change in tonal balance or brightness.

I would remain patient, it takes the same amount of effort to swap parts later as now and the issue may resolve itself with more music.