How long do you or should you keep your gear.

Another interesting article and may spark, debate, reflection, envy?

I think I have jumped off the proverbial rodent exercise wheel for now.....wait I just read about that DAC..

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@tomic601 ...Dawg can roll tubes, but not how you’d like, no doubt....;)

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’Botted, potted, rollin’ through the gears ’n years...

The conclusion of the piece completely confirmed my suspicion at the start not to read it. D'oh!

How an audiophile deems their system’s sonics and need to replace any part of it is a personal choice. If we choose to do so once every twenty years, every once in a while, or as soon as upgrades are introduced are decisions we all make for ourselves.

I bought my turntable (Aniston RD-11S) used in 1976. I built my Ampzilla in 1975. Old stuff can be good. I used my Ampzilla until this past summer, when I got a used SST Son of Ampzilla! Is better…

I still have the Technics SL-150 turntable with an SME tonearm I bought about 45 years ago. It's still accurate, and still plays beautifully. But everything else in my system has been changed out for the better every decade or so.