How long do NOS 6L6gc power tubes last in a Mcintosh MC240 amp?

I just ordered a quad of NOS tubes for the MC240, how long should they last?  I listen for 1-2 hours a day, low-medium volume...
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The 240 is very easy on tubes as long as you put good quality in AND your caps are in good shape. Like 2-4 k hours, you can see a nice rebuilt 240 on my vintage system page.

a fantastic amp and very sweet w Telefunken in the small signal. I am currently running some output tubes I got from Andy at Vintage Tube Service in Michigan, he has the chops and the test equipment to know ;-)

have fun, enjoy the music
But the skeptics will ask ( fair ) how do you know ? 1961 Amp store demo came to us in 1965 and went to McIntosh clinics regularly, I remember over many many years a few tubes. I inherited it in 2001 and it finally needed another set. I put the Vintage Tube services set in 3 years ago :-) she beats her spec by 12 wpc
Also, if you don’t listen very loud, try light loading the output transformers but dropping down another setting on the impedence- listen also as that is the key - if it sounds better w no clipping keep it that way.
tomic601 is correct. the MC240 is pretty easy on tubes. not sure what speakers you are using but try both 8 and 4 ohm taps. usually one will sound a bit better. Also try some KT66s in the 240.
not sure if your 240 is original or not, but greatest improvement you can make is to add a film cap to the 100uf electrolytic cap in the feedback circuit.
Takes longer to remove the bottom cover than it does to solder in the cap, one for each channel.
Thanks @johnss and @tomic601, I have Klipsch heritage Belle speakers, and just ordered replacement tubes from Brent Jessee.

>> greatest improvement you can make is to add a film cap to the 100uf electrolytic cap in the feedback circuit.

Just finished restoring my MC240 and noticed the above comment from 2020. Can you give a couple more details?

-- What value of film cap, and how wired?

-- What's the goal here?


Phil Nelson (philsoldradios)

Phil - the smaller cap in film sounds better than the single larger cap alone. Like all things audio, some hear it, some don't… The rule of thumb is 10% of the larger cap, use same voltage rating !  My 240 is singing for her supper ;-)