how long can you leave a CDP on 'pause'?

I suppose if I had a clear-top loading player I could see if it's spinning while paused... but I don't.
I guess as long as you want to.Just curious,why do you ask?
presumably, if the motor is working, that would shorten its lifespan - especially if I left it on pause for hours at a time.
Then don't leave it on pause!!!!!
if you somewhat know the answer, then why would a question like this be asked in the first place ?
I don't know the answer: is the motor spinning when the CDP is on pause?
The disc spins and the laser is on while in pause so if you want or need to shorten the life of your CDP unit, continue to leave it in pause... a quite goofy question may I add!

my CDP (SCD-1) has a very slow fast forward; if I'm listening to a long piece without 'chapters' and want to go out for a few hours, I'd prefer to put it on pause if it doesn't hurt the little beastie - but, alas, it apparently does. hence the question.
You're shi**ing me,right?Boy,oh boy what a day!!!!!
Give the guy a break, will ya ?

On my CDP, after a couple of minutes on pause, the disc stops and it goes into a "deeper" pause I guess you could call it.

It then takes a little longer to resume, since the disc has to come up to speed.

If your owner manual doesn't tell you, you could try listening closely to see if the disc stops after a few minutes.
My CDP has an indefinite pause. It happens everytime I hit the stop button.

Seriously, it is easy enough to scroll through a CD and get to any place you want quickly that lengthy pausing (more that a minute or two) is silly.
my CDP (SCD-1) has a very slow fast forward; if I'm listening to a long piece without 'chapters'

I'm listening to a long piece without 'chapters'

Example of, please...... CD/s?
You could copy your CD/s on CD-Rs and lay down your own chapters (tracks) for easy reference.
An example:

Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals on Decca

The main piece is played in 14 distinct sections but it is recorded as one track. About 20-25 minutes.

The disc stopping really is a nice feature, in case the phone rings or I get called to dinner and don't get back to listening.
Until it shuts off.

Not sure if you can burn your CDs on a computer and insert tracks (markers) without any interruptions in the music, but you can with a stand alone CDR recorder.
good question - I learned something (that I suspected but confirmed here) thanks for asking
Wow - I think some people started Monday a little early. I don't think it's a dumb question at all. As has already been pointed out, some players will power down the transport and I suspect that other players may power down the laser after a brief period. Of course the only way to know this unless it's documented in the manual is to ask the manufacturer. Someone who has your model of CDP might also know but you would need to tell us the model of your player.

Personally I try not to leave my Rega on pause for more than 30 min or so but I worry about the laser more than the transport.

This is a tough crowd. The guy asks a completely reasonable question--as is usually the case, he 'thinks' he knows the answer and is completely up front, and everybody jumps him.
I wondered this for a while myself.
My recommendation is to just hit stop, remember the chapter and time, and go back and reastart.
I apologize for the overzealous of us on this site.

I also feel people are rude
Very good question by the way