How long and how loud

I have a pair of Gallo Ref 3s I have had them for about six months but I still think the woofer is not brokem in it is very stiff.

I have been Told that they need to be broken in but how loud is loud and for how long.

If I need to flex the cone can I use the tone that my amp produces for speaker set up? (Subwoofer).
Or can I use a test CD that produces diferent sine waves
If I can use the amps "set up tone" how loud, how long.

If I use the test CD which would be the best freq to use and how loud and how long.

I would go with some Sex Pistols or other hard driving rock or even (Shudder) a base loaded Rap track but the wife would not understand and the neighbors..........
Any suggestions.
After 6 months, what you hear is what you get...unless you only used them for 2-3 hours per WEEK!
But dont I need to drive them at insanly high levels to burn in or flex the cone?
and if so all the other stuff i asked is still relevent
Try a Barry White CD, the bass line will exercise your woofers and you may also get some exercise from your wife...
No you don't need to flex the cone it's doing what it will. You can burn you're voicecoils if you overdrive them.
Hi -

My ref3's are about a year old and only in the past few months has the bass become very nice and full even though they had been played loud for many,many hundreds of hours. I found that the Steroephile test cd #1, tracks 24-31 played at hi db's really worked well. These are the 100hz down to 20hz 1/3 warble tones. Before, I needed a sub to augment the speakers, but now I feel no need for that at all. I can now 'feel' as well as hear deep bass. 2 great benchmark tracks for me are "Toad" from Cream's Royal Albert Hall renunion cd - (Ginger Baker's drum solo) , and then Yim Hok-Man's "Poem of Chinese Drum" track. When you can feel these, you are there!

regards, Rich
Play Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" on repeat at 100db for a few days and I guarantee those woofers will be fully broken in. :)
These are the 100hz down to 20hz 1/3 warble tones.

I did post before about using a test CD (Which I own) If I do go that route do I use the second voice coil or just the mains?
And again how long and how loud.