How is your integrated system set up?

OK, for those of you (like me) who have a dual purpose system (i.e. 2-channel and HT), how have you set it up? I've heard people talk about using processor loops, pass-thrus, processors that have good preamp sections, and even using multiple inputs on the amp that drives the mains. The methods seem to vary in complexity and sonic trade-off.

What ways have been most successful? That is, what setup method did you stick with, and why?
Have 2 Channel preamp Classe-cp45. Have HT processor,Classe SSP-50. SSP-50'S main out goes in to Tape-in of CP-45. When tape-loop is off, SSP-50 is isolated and CD player input are in balance input mode and so forth. Simple.
I have two systems. Stereo in the bedroom. H/T in the livingroom. The H/T is actually very good stereo components.
I use very fast speakers (90db eff) in the H/T with a big sub-woofer. My intention is the big bang theory. Stereo music sounds good but It will never sound like the bedroom system. I can live with that.