How is/was your Satori speaker cable?

I find myself in need of longer cables after moving into another room. Acoustic Zen's Satori seems to get unanimous praise especially considering it's high value among the competitors. I'd like to hear from those who went on to something else which they liked better and also those who can tell me what they had previously and felt the Satori was a big step up. Currently, I'm using an absolutely ancient double run of Audioquest Green Hyperlitz. Don't laugh, it still has alot going for it and was even J Gordon Holt's reference when new. System is: Well Tempered 'table, Modified to the max Sony Playstation1, Vintage Fisher 400C preamp (amazing piece), Fisher 30A mono amps(El84 push/pull.) Totem Forests, and Magnan VI interconnects. Thanks in advance for any insight you may offer.
I can tell you the difference between my old Audioquest Indigo (biwired) and current Satori Shotgun. Satori is faster, cleaner and silkier. It also gives fuller lower midrange (male voices, cello etc) - perfect for my class D amp. Indigo sounded thin in comparison. Imaging is also much better. I use Acoustic Zen Absolute XLR ICs.
I had a pair that I sold because I did not like the low end weight, but frankly they will perform differently depending on the system, so our feedback does not mean much for you Hifigary. Some like them, some will not.
I chose Jps Labs superconductor fx over satori. In my system the jps had a clearer midrange and had the low end weight of the satori but more articulate and better staging. I believe less cost also. YMMV.
I've had Satori shotgun biwires in my system for about ten years and remain very happy. I've had several others in but the natural and organic sounding Satoris have stood the test of time. I think Foster may be right that they may not be the quickest or tightest cable in the lower regions, but that's acceptable to me given my system and everything else these cables do right. If I were you I might give the Holograms or something further up the line a try. Best of luck.