How is Wadia with fast dynamic music ?

I listen mainly to classic rock and contemporary blues. Any other suggestions in the $2000 used catagory ? I want, probably the same as everyone else, good extension, warm mids with body, deep base, smooth highs and PRAT.

Thank You
The Wadia 23, and I believe the 21, probably the 850? From the mid 90's mostly I believe.
Saki70, Also to be honest a Great approch at this would be Pick up the Audio mirror new version 16 bit non-oversample model, it kills all your hi end dac's it is about 1000.00 new, get a sweet transport and you still have tubes, it is very highly reviewed on all the sites as well, Audiogon, Audioreview..

And I was just giving an example that if you can smooth out heavy metal just about anything will play with little to no fatigue, I listen to tons of Classic rock, bright recordings like Bowie, sabbath and things that need some finesse.

I've owned all the Wadias you've listed.
A kps28c is better player.
Believe it or not, kps28c sounds more organic than those Wadia units.
Still, neither times, tho.

Metronome one box CD plalyer is slow and it rolls off at the frequency extremes.
Their two box DAC/transport, however, is a great set.

I'd worry about the service in case the unit falls apart as i am not sure of the current US distributor.