How is Wadia with fast dynamic music ?

I listen mainly to classic rock and contemporary blues. Any other suggestions in the $2000 used catagory ? I want, probably the same as everyone else, good extension, warm mids with body, deep base, smooth highs and PRAT.

Thank You

If you like fast dynamic music then go fo either the Krell CD players or the ML390S. Both are excellent in this part. I have a Wadia 861B and a Krell KPS28C and think the Krell is faster. However the Wadia is more enjoyable. It depends on taste and music choise which one you will like more.

Thank you Sprbggr.
I forgot to mention that I would like a good transport with digital outs so that I can try some DAC's later . I value involvement and musicality over the last bit of detail or accuracy .
Saki, you might try the Khayyam 'Rubiyat' cdp... Excellent with more subtle messaging. [emoticon here]
I second the Krell kps28c reco.

Altho, the timing is not the Krell's strength, a kps28c offers a pretty good mix of everything. I doubt you can get one for around 2k$, tho.

I am not familiar with newer Wadia, but all the units I've owned, timing and pacing, again, are not what they do best.

To be blunt, I am not sure if you can get all of what you are looking for in a 2k$ package from ANY digital playback.
Thank you Islandear, I will check it out .

Misskuma; Thank you for your opinion. I realize that I probably won't find everything in a player at this price. I am just looking for the 'best' compromise . I feel that, if I can get a good transport, I can maximize the price point with a stand alone DAC in the future .
So I have 2 votes for Krell, 1 for Wadia and 1 for Khayyam . Any more ?

Thank you people.
Saki, please forgive me, my suggestion was purely tongue-in-cheek.
I thought all music was fast and dynamic?
Check out a McCormack UDP. All of the McCormack stuff that I've heard is very good for the price. This player may be just what you're looking for.
and true to the impact of the recording. I enjoy my 301.
Krell is Hard sounding and the will just make most Heavy metal annoying if you wanna good example of fast and heavy, fatigue is always the first word that comes to my mind, Wadia is far more deep and smooth, very in your face dynamic however, but My experiance is with the older true 16 bit machines, all newer 24/96's seem to carry some digital glare with them and this could be the issue with newer wadia's for all I know. Get a Wadia if you want the best Algorythm out there with the digimaster system and just have the analog stage upgraded. Also there are a few Metronome Players which are tube that are very nice on this site for around 1000.00, don't get caught in the hype.
Here is a good thread, and it is very recent on Audiogon very similar players, with auditioning in one spot, I still go Wadia.
Thank you Matrix, I will look at the Metronome.
While I don't listen to 'heavy metal' I suppose most rock would be the same in this respect.
Can you tell me which of the older Wadia's are 16 bit . I have been reading quite a bit about the 16 bit versus upsampling debate .
The Wadia 23, and I believe the 21, probably the 850? From the mid 90's mostly I believe.
Saki70, Also to be honest a Great approch at this would be Pick up the Audio mirror new version 16 bit non-oversample model, it kills all your hi end dac's it is about 1000.00 new, get a sweet transport and you still have tubes, it is very highly reviewed on all the sites as well, Audiogon, Audioreview..

And I was just giving an example that if you can smooth out heavy metal just about anything will play with little to no fatigue, I listen to tons of Classic rock, bright recordings like Bowie, sabbath and things that need some finesse.
Ayre cx-7 sounds like what you are looking for.

I've owned all the Wadias you've listed.
A kps28c is better player.
Believe it or not, kps28c sounds more organic than those Wadia units.
Still, neither times, tho.

Metronome one box CD plalyer is slow and it rolls off at the frequency extremes.
Their two box DAC/transport, however, is a great set.

I'd worry about the service in case the unit falls apart as i am not sure of the current US distributor.
APL-modded Denon 3910.
Misskuma, well you would have more insight I have only heard other krells, however I own upgraded Wadia's with the best analog components you can get, so is it better who knows?, but digital sounds as analog as a player gets with dynamic punch in my case with this player. I have little experiance with the Metronome but heard a real nice player from them, its cheap and worth a shot to at least give Saki70 a basis on what direction to go, I agree however on the repair issue's that could approch.
Beyond that I understand if the krell is your choice, however this thread is for 2000.00 used, not 4000.00. So pushing apples or oranges will be Saki70's choice here to extend the budget to double in order to pick up a krell of that cost. So I will agree on this, for 2000.00 you will get a lot more wadia player than krell at that point, okay with that?
I've heard four modded Wadias that could prat anything that was thrown in it.They are dac15i and 16i and 2000 French curve and 27. If you want a stock unit then the Krell may actually best it, a GNSC will blow the doors off of most cd playback systems. I always laugh at the people who say that it is old technology since Wadia has probably forgotten more in R&D, than most people have had the chance to learn.I really think that you should post a question to all modded Wadia users and see what they think. Anyway, good luck in your search-Take care Dennis
Cenline, I think those are in fact a different system in those modded units of the French like you say, vs. the Digimaster, I would put all my money on Wadia in a shootout either way.
Take a look at this thread again, Wadia impression is almost unforgetable, I have been told this by many that have heard my sound, they always remember vs. other systems that memory seems to forget more so.